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Great Buddha Land at Fo Guang Shan Temple in Taiwan and the 2012 International Youth Seminar on Life and Ch'an Day 2

Group 1 

 This blog post details the 2nd day of my two-week "EAT PRAY TRAVEL" adventure
in Taiwan. To know how I was able to join the 2012 International Youth Seminar on Life and Ch'an and how you can join too in the future as this happens every year, please head to this post: 2012 International Youth Seminar on Life and Ch'an: Taiwan Pre-Departure Preparations

To read about what happened on Day 1, please head to this post: 
2012 International Youth Seminar on Life and Ch'an in Taiwan Day 1

If you wanna know the things that went through my mind (no holds barred) as  I did my 1-week meditation retreat, follow my Monastic Diaries.

Oh, and here's a post I did the moment I got home after two weeks... just because one of my co-delegates looks like Harry Potter. Hehehe. 
Spot the Filipino Harry Potter Look-Alike and Some Thoughts for the Coming Days


July 20, 2012

For some people, the day started by waking up at the break of dawn (5:20 am) then heading to the back garden doing the morning meditation at 5:40 am. I skipped this part since I'm way too sleepy to get up and I figured, I have one week of meditation to accomplish by next week so that should make up for my laziness this week. Hehehe.

Anyway, by 6:00 am the delegates would then get ready for breakfast. After the usual breakfast routine which includes prayer through chanting and serving of meals by volunteer kitchen/dining staff, we all had some time to spare before all the groups convened at the assembly hall (at the Cloud Dwelling Building 2F) by 8am in preparation for that morning's Humble Table, Wise Fare Group Dynamics, 

Posters of the tour groups were also posted on the walls outside the assembly and registration areas. Delegates were asked to see these posters so we would all know to which group each one of us would belong.  Based on the list, I'd be part of West 2 and we would be visiting the former British Consulate at Takao, the Taiwan Glass Gallery, Taipei Raohe Street Tourist Night Market, National Museum of Natural Science and the National Center for Traditional Arts. Hmmm... Not bad! I was already excited! But I gotta finish a few more days of seminars and lectures first. ^_^

At 8:00 am, the day's activities started.

We had a game first. Whatever number the emcee will shout, we should all form a group with the exact number of members. Then we would all sit down, hold each other's hands, and pull up each other as one group. It was fun! It was a good way for us to bond some more and get to know each other much better.  Hmmm... I wonder what the name is of that cute guy who looks like a young Kevin Costner? Can't stop staring at him! Hihihi. ^_^

After that simple game, the Humble Table group dynamics started. The leaders and assistant leaders were asked to stand up as everybody else remained seated on the floor. Then the members of each group were asked to get one chair each and form a circle around their respective group leader. Then the instructions for playing the game were given.

Hahaha I'm so small!!! Look, I'm the only girl with the hat!

Each member of the group must hold the chair such that only two of its legs are touching the floor. Then at the count of three, each member must move to the next chair while also making sure the chair they move into doesn't fall to the ground. In the event that a chair falls, then the group will start again from zero. The goal is to catch as many chairs without letting two of its legs touch the floor. 

Towards the end of the game, those groups who were able to accomplish a lot were asked to have one of their members come up on stage to share their learning and the tricks they used to accomplish such number of chairs.

Afterwards, the emcee asked one volunteer to supervise the game to be done all at the same time by each group. The most we did was reach 9 chairs. It was harder when it entailed having everyone work together with just one person shouting 1, 2, and 3.

When we were all seated, all of us were given a sheet of paper containing the words of wisdom by Ven. Master Hsing Yun. We were asked to discuss it with our seatmates.

We then took a 10 min. break before we headed to the auditorium (Tathagata Building 4F) for our next class about Macroscopic World, Microscopic Self with Charles Kao as our lecturer. He also introduced another guest, author Mimi Yu, who talked about believing in yourself even when nobody else does, finding your passion and following it.

As for Charles Kao's talk, the important thing he said is that at the macro level, the most important part of a country is its economic state. Right now, the four countries that dominate the world's economy are: US, Mainland China, Japan and Germany. At the micro level, we need to have an open society and be competitive if we want our country to be like them as well.

Charles Kao also discussed humanistic Buddhism in Taiwan: Do good deeds; think good thoughts; say good words. We should also have creative wisdom such that it's not enough that we create, but there has to be wisdom behind our creations and inventions. Finally, he also discussed that the only thing you can change in this world is yourself.  

A short Q and A was conducted at the end of the lecture. Then we all headed to the dining hall for lunch.

At 1:30 pm, we were all at the auditorium once again for our next class about Success Through Self-Enrichment by Stanley Yen. He basically taught us that in order to find happiness at any job, one must learn how to communicate with and be compassionate about various types of people. When we are able to empathize with others in the work place, then that's when we can find meaning in our jobs, and thus find happiness at work and in life.

Then at 3:00-3:20, each group went to their designated venue for refreshments followed by panel discussions about Ch'an.

Those who finished early were able to tour Fo Guang Shan a bit. My new friends and I went to the Great Buddha Land and spent about an hour there just enjoying the view, breathing in some fresh air and taking lots of pictures. ^_^

Then at 6pm, dinner was served at the dining hall. Everybody then reconvened at the assembly area and one by one, each group proceeded to the auditorium for our next class about Buddhism by Ven. Tzu Hui. She talked about Taiwan and proceeded at telling the stories of the Linji lineage.

The class ended at 9:20 pm. Reminders were given by the emcees. Then the delegates were free to go.

As for the Philippine team, 18 of us met up at the 2nd floor to discuss what we're going to present on our last day. We ended up practicing our part at the Masskara dance prepared by some of the members and practicing the action for the song We are One.

Til my next post!


YANI said...

This is such a wonderful and meaningful experience. Very detailed post!

Agiw said...

You actually listened to the lectures? hahaha! Im impressed that you kept track of it!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Yani, it really is even if sometimes I'd fall asleep in the middle of the lecture. LOL! :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Agiw, hahaha! Why were you surprised? It's not so obvious that I used to be a very diligent student noh?:D


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