Thursday, October 04, 2012

How to Afford Holiday Trips During Summer

According to the survey, most of the children are spending their summer holidays at home. This is a break to be enjoyed with family and friends. It’s a three month break for students and it’s important to be planned beforehand related to its expenses. There are various destinations and the sky is the limit. Hence instead of wasting this summer holidays, plan a trip and bottle up the sweet memories for a lifetime.

Tips to afford for trips in summer:

  • Credit cards:
Use your credit cards. Every individual is aware of different schemes and statistics provided to customers. A holiday can be afforded with proper usage of the cards. They are helpful while traveling and you can pay them back every month in easy installments such as EMI’s to reduce the burden.

  • Savings Cash-flow:
Flow of cash must be maintained and the best way is through savings or personal accounts. These are the areas where extra money or outstanding funds from monthly expenses are stored to be used for future requirements. Hence these can be utilised while going on a holiday. Finance is essential to enjoy travel and without proper plan this may turn into a financial nightmare. Start saving and plan accordingly to make it  your best summer trip ever.

  • Increase extra add on:
Another way to improve financial status for trips is by increasing your working hours to earn extra money. In the present scenario, every individual is working with one job or two and to earn extra you can even opt for third jobs or part-time work . This increases your monthly income so you can save for those extra expenses.

  • Holiday loans:
Banks offer various loans to fulfill your financial needs and help you lead a cheerful life. Holiday loans or travel loans are available to make your trip successful as they take the entire expenses onto their shoulders such as ticket cost, accommodation, food and taxes.

These are short-term loans or instant loans available by any banking company. If short of funds for advance bookings of air tickets or accommodation go for pay-day loans and solve your problem. Pay-day loans are short-term loans available for every individual. Its processing time is minimal where loan amount can be repaid within the next pay slip.

  • Family and friends:
Another means to afford traveling would be by borrowing money from family and friends. This may be a routine process or a common tip but it helps in reducing tension of repayment process that comes with high interest rate when accessed from any bank. While enhancing money make sure that exchange of money wouldn’t create any trouble in future. 

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