Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Experiencing Salon 335 in BF Homes Parañaque

Last week has been a stressful one for me. I've only just acknowledged the fact that my body's chemical nature is undergoing some major changes (aka reaching its sexual peak) hence my hormones are always out of whack. If I'm not frisky, I'm irritable or simply moody, unfortunately, loads more than usual. I badly needed to get away from it all. I even decided to quit facebooking. But after 14 hours of online detoxification, I figured, I couldn't do it without my social networks. So it was very timely when my hubby's friend Junee recommended a salon I could try. It's called Salon 335. It is located in Aguirre St. BF Homes Paranaque. And since we live in Alabang and used to frequent the area when we first transferred here, we figured, it's a good place to be at on Saturday afternoon. 

BF Homes is one of the more private subdivisions here down south. Every time we'd go there, my hubby always has to submit his license to the guard at the village entrance. We don't really mind since we love checking out places we could shop at and restaurants we could dine in within the area. 

When we got to where Salon 335 is, I noticed that it's tucked inside one of BF Home's most well-known  Korean stores called Aladin Korean Grocery. And my first thought was "Perfect! my baboo Peter won't have a hard time looking for something to eat when he gets bored while waiting for me." I urged him to have his hair cut or have his nails polished but you know, being as hard headed as he is when it comes to beautifying himself, he said he'd rather look around the grocery for something to eat. Men! Hehehe.

with the owner Vickie Victorio-Cruz

Anyhoo, I was wonderfully surprised when I saw who the owner is --- Vickie Victorio-Cruz. She's my former co-worker in GSIS. And it turns out, she's the mom of my former GSIS MDP/Management Development Program classmate Abigail. Small world! We ended up chatting, reminiscing the good old days in our former office. It was really a fabulous afternoon! After a while, she needed to head out and so I was left under the care of her wonderful staff, Benjie and Lanie. 

The salon is quite spacious with white lighting and white/semi-cream colored walls. The white chairs were really comfortable too. I also loved the fact that they have huge mirrors on the wall made available for each guest who come in. Being as vain as I am, it's nice that I can check my full reflection in the mirror every now and then. Teehee.

Anyway, I first decided to have my hair permed. But because I've been rebonding my hair for two years now, I was advised against it. Instead, I had the upper part of my hair rebonded since it's already starting to get wavy (the natural state of my hair). Benjie, the lead stylist, took care of it together with Lanie, his assistant. 

I also had my nails done and had them colored red. There were other customers present and everyone was being taken care of. And since the salon is big enough for everyone to feel relaxed and rejuvenated during and after the respective beauty treatments and regimen being given, I was able to fall asleep while my hair and nails were being done.   

Salon 335, true to what Mrs. Victorio-Cruz envisioned it to be, is a place that reflects the social yet personal nature that salons are usually known for. And because of the attentive way the staff members treat their clients, clients keep coming back for more. 

with Benjie, the lead stylist

Being inside Salon 335, my hubby and I thought that it would be a beautiful and perfect place to hold girly and kikay parties. Like perhaps, a bridal shower where aside from offering gifts to the bride, the bridesmaids can actually spend an afternoon or a whole day pampering themselves here like getting a foot spa, manicure-pedicure, having their hair and make-up done, foot spa, etc. Similar parties can be done among friends and family members inside Salon 335. It's perfect because aside from its relaxing ambiance and huge space it offers, just outside the salon is a place to get all sorts of food. I was actually told that this has already been done here. Salon 335 has already been booked for such private salon parties and maybe I can do one too with my girlfriends one of these days.

with Lanie, the assistant

If you're looking for a quiet and relaxing salon to spend your weekend in, do visit Salon 335. To book an appointment or for more information regarding promos and services, please contact 0916- 2409365.

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