Saturday, November 03, 2012

Jem's Surprise Visit in Alabang

Jem has been one of my BFF's since forever! Okay, not really forever but since my call center days back in 2001. We are both graduates of Ateneo who topped (it was a tie) our batch in Etelecare at a time when it was considered as the best call center in the industry.  We were Quality Monitoring Specialists. We were both competitive and driven but that just all the more forged our bond as friends. She saw me through my ups and downs and has not forsaken me, not even for one second. Jem is my gem. She is one in a million and I will forever be grateful for her friendship. She has long pursued her career abroad and from time to time would come home and visit us. This year, I thought she was scheduled to go home in December like last year and we were supposed to do another Asian trip. But being the adventure seeker that she is, she surprised us by coming home sooner than expected. I was busy with work; I haven't had real sleep for three days now but for her, I will always, always make time. I just love her to pieces. 

Whenever I'm with people I love, it doesn't really matter what we do or where we go. I just want to be with the person and bond with him/her til we run out of stories to tell. I'm like this with Jem. So on this one special day that Peter and I were with her, we stayed at home at first and just bonded. 

When we got hungry, we went to Festival Mall for late lunch at MyThai/Jack's Loft/Phoa Hoa and had some dark chocolate drinks at Seattle's Best. Jem is a bikram yoga practitioner and a vegan so her diet is always special. I hope to follow her footsteps to healthier living someday which is why we're scrapping our plan for another Asian trip and instead will stay at Ananda Marga in Cebu for a week to undergo a major detoxification program first week of January. It's still in the works and I still have to save up money for that but more or less, that's the plan.

Anyway, after having our drinks, we went around the mall and shopped for some native accessories. There was a bazaar going offering native products from Baguio and the Ifugao  region. Peter bought us native fedora hats and purses. We also bought some vegetables for   dinner.

Then we went back home and watched an old movie. I fell asleep on the sofa seeing that I've been zombified for a few days now. In the late evening, Peter cooked us some scrumptious vegan dinner (tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, corn and rice) then we went to Nothgate Cyberzone to window shop. 

Jem ended up buying a really nice looking blazer and Peter bought me a pair of Vivien Westwood wedges made of plastic coz they're so cute and comfy (imitation lang po, not the real branded stuff, hehehe). 

It was a really carefree day and we three just bonded. I guess what made this visit of her so special is that Jem came at a time when Peter and I badly need the support of our fiends... friends who saw us together since the very beginning of our relationship. Jem said that of all her friends who are already married, Peter and I are as rare as it can get. She said that Peter and I have THE staying power and that she believes we will get through whatever it is that will come our way. I do believe so too. I mean I admit I can go crazy at times but one thing that's been constant for me is my deep love, trust and respect for my husband. The same goes for the people in my life who I love. 

Jem's visit was really a blessing. Peter and I are so much better now because of it and we will continue to get better at this thing called marriage. Thank you, Jem! And see you again in December! We love you girl! *Kisses*   

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