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Cheap Boracay Rooms @ Bonueva Home

It's been so cold lately that I can't help dreaming about summer again. And of course, where else would I go other than the beach, right? I was thinking of doing another one month island vacation somewhere like what I did in Boracay from March-April of 2011. After all, I was just there last month and as usual, I loved every minute of the island experience (well, except the part where my bessy got a bit sick). Anyway, I once again booked my 4 nights' stay at Bonueva Home, an affordable Boracay accommodation and a cozy place to stay at, located in Station 3 and only 50 steps away from the white sand beach. 

Bonueva Home has expanded since the last time I was there. Wonderful owners Ervin Bonot and his wife Jet added more and bigger rooms to accommodate tourists and guests looking for an affordable place to stay in Boracay. 

This photo below was our room. 

It has a queen size bed with a single pull out, soft pillows and blankets, table and chairs, cable TV, sofa bed, air conditioning, toilet and bath, hot and cold shower and free wi-fi. 

The size of the room is more than enough for two people. And if you're a group of 5 planning to maximize your budget, then this room would still be perfect. 

Outside the rooms is a kitchen where guests can ask for free hot water, use of ref and sink for cooking, use table and chairs, plus use of drying area for the clothes  and what-not. 

The price of their rooms range from Php1,000 - Php3,000 per night depending on the size of the room and the season. Still, it's the most affordable place I could find here in Boracay and if you're staying for a longer period of time and paying in advance, you can even get a reasonable discount. 

Read my previous post about my stay in back in 2011: Bonueva Home Boracay Cheap Rooms

Check out these rooms that were just recently built.

So if you're planning your Boracay vacation as early as now and are looking for an affordable room, book at Bonueva Home. You will definitely feel at home.

To contact Ervin, just text or call him at the following numbers:
+63920-917-5673 / +63920-920-6052 / +63-362-883-708

How to get to Bonueva Home: From Caticlan, get boat and entrance fees at Php 150/head. Ride the boat which will dock at Cagban Boracay Port. Get a tricycle (P100 per trip good for 5 pax) / Multicab for large group (250/trip for 10 pax), and kindly tell the driver to bring you to beach station 3, have him drop you off at the gate of Arock resort, near Nikkos place. Bonueva Home is just in front these resorts. Bonueva Home still doesn't have a sign as of this time but Ervin, or his wife Jet, or his mom Ella, can wait for you outside the gate.

If you're walking along station 3, watch out for Watercolors Dive Shop. Beside the dive shop is a narrow walkway. At the end of the walkway, to your right and left are the two modest building structures of Bonueva Home facing each other. The one on your right has a brown gate and the one on your left has red doors.

To see the rest of their rooms, click here:

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