Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How to Get from Oslob to Dumaguete and Back (Oslob Diaries Day 1)

April Fool's Day has been a busy one for me that I didn't even celebrate it by pulling a prank on someone, tsk, tsk. I haven't had any sleep since the day before because I had to pack and take a 4:20 am Cebu Pac flight to Mactan, Cebu. 

After breakfast early yesterday morning, I then took a cab to South Bus terminal (metered fare reached Php215 + Php10.00 bus terminal fee) then I took a bus headed for Oslob (Php140). Bpoth Sunrays and Ceres have buses going to Oslob. You can ride those with signs Oslob or Bato or Liloan.

That was a 3-hour ride to my bessy Hanz's place, two of which I spent napping. I woke up with a jolt thinking that I might have missed their house. Luckily, I was just approaching Argao (1 hour from Oslob) then which was when I started taking pictures of the scenery from my window. 

Finally at around 10:30 am, I was already at my bessy's place. 

I just settled my stuff in my room and went back outside of the house to wait for a bus headed to Liloan port (bus fare is Php60.00 each) so we can catch a fast craft going to Sibulan port in Dumaguete. We saw dolphins by the way while inside the boat! Unfortunately, they were so fast I wasn't able to take a photo of them. Tsk, tsk. Anyway, the plan was to just run some errands at Banco de Oro and buy some stuff for my stay. Dumaguete is nearer to Oslob than Cebu City which was why my bessy decided that we do our bank errands and groceries there instead. Ferry fare costs Php62.00 each. 

At around noon time, we were already in Dumaguete. We rode a multicab from Sibulan port to the terminal at the center of the city (fare is Php11.00 each) then  just walked around to look for a place to eat. 

As usual, we were on a budget so we went all the way to Silliman University, walking along Rizal Blvd. and decided to eat at Atong Kamalig

Food there is quite cheap but yummy (like one vegetable dish is just around Php30-35.oo)

After lunch, we braved the heat of the sun and walked all the way to Ever Mall and Lee Plaza. We opted to do the groceries at Lee. All our shopping was done by 4:30pm and by 5:20pm we were already back at Sibulan port, boarding a pumpboat back to Liloan port (pumpboat is only Php45 each as compared to Fastcraft's Php62 fare) in Southern Cebu. But first, we walked to the multicab terminal where jeeps going to Sibulan Port are stationed. You can ride a tricycle from the city (tricycle fare to the multicab terminal is only Php9.00). Then we took a multicab to Sibulan port (multicab fare from the terminal to Sibulan port is Php11.00). 

After only 25 minutes and amidst the rough sea, we were already in Liloan port.

*These ferries and pumpboats by the way ply these routes regularly.* 

We then rode a tricycle (fare is Php10.00) to the hi-way and waited for a Ceres bus headed back to Cebu City. It took a while to wait for a bus. Finally by 6:00pm, we were already headed back to Oslob, back to my bessy's house.

We got home by 7:00 pm. I was already dizzy with sleepiness and my head was terribly throbbing already. I brought my groceries to my room and rested for a short while. Afterwards, I got so OC that I just started organizing my stuff and making my room homey. 

I was so tired when I finished organizing everything that by 9pm I was already fast asleep.

I woke up at 3am today, uploaded photos to my PC and started drafting this blog post. 

I'm excited to start the schedule I set out for myself this month so after drafting all of this, I'll now be heading out to officially start my summer (It's 4:40 am). Will blog about what I did today sometime this week just to document how my days this April will be like more or less. 

Happy Summer!


If you're heading to the south western part of Cebu, check out this awesome Oslob Resorthttp://www.oslobnewvillage.com 


Alex Dizon said...

I'm excited to see Oslob and the whaleshark!!! May whaleshark ba during this time of the year? Hehe.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Alex, I'm excited for you too! :)From what people say here, the whalesharks are here all year round. :)

Anonymous said...


Regular po ba ang pumpboat or ferry services between dumaguete and southern cebu?


Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Robert,

Yes, regular sha. yun ang pinaka-jeep nila between Oslob and Dumaguete. :)


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