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Our Hong Kong Disney Hollywood Hotel Stay

It’s been six years since the first time I’ve been to Hong Kong to explore Disneyland and its hotels. I was with my husband, Peter, then. We had plans of going back but it never pushed through because of his very hectic work schedule. My mom, on the other hand, has been bugging me to go back and to take her with me since she’s never been to Hong Kong Disneyland. So this time around, with my cameras and a few pieces of clothing in tow, I brought her with me. And it’s been one of the best times of her life. Okay, mine too I must admit.

It was both our first time to ride Cathay Pacific. Unlike the usual local airline I ride, this one is big and a little more spacious even if we were in the economy section. The ride took about 2 hours. We had no problem whatsoever; the food served was good and after a short nap, we were already landing in Hong Kong International Airport. Weeee! We were both so excited!

On board Cathay Pacific on the way to Hong Kong

My mom and I arrived at the airport at around 8:30 am on March 14, 2013. After getting our luggage, we walked outside and looked for a cab that can get us to Disneyland Park.

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island. As such, it can be accessed via a number of ways that are convenient for guests:
  • ·         By MTR Disneyland Resort Line
  • ·         By Bus
  • ·         By Car or Coach
  • ·         By Taxi consisting of 3 types:  Urban, New Territories, Lantau
  • ·         By Ferry

From inside the airport, you can already see signs and guides along the way so you just have to follow them.

Hong Kong Airport arrival

As for my mom and I, we opted to take the New Territories taxi (the green one) since it was the cheapest one. We paid HK$114.50 from the airport to Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

NT Taxis outside the airport

Since Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, it’s a good idea to get a hotel nearby. And what better hotel to choose than either of the two Disney hotels in the area – Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel or Disneyland Hotel. Since the latter is fully booked on our vacation dates (March 14-16), we got bookings at Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel instead.

Welcome to Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

This is also the hotel where Peter and I stayed at before and the moment my mom and I arrived, the place still looks, feels and smells the same --- posh, shiny and stunning as if we’re transported back in time when Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney characters first came to be in Hollywood. It felt so surreal but in a good way.

The moment my mom and I stepped into the glass doors which automatically opened for us, we smelled the fragrant scent of expensive perfumes wafting in the air. How I wish all hotels are like this! It makes us feel like we’re royalty! It’s no wonder we saw a lot of little girls donning their favourite princess costumes be it Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

Check-in at the hotel room is not until 3:00 pm. We got there before 10:00 am because we took an early flight from Manila. Good thing that Disney’s Hollywood Hotel has luggage storage section for free! So my mom and I lined up outside the area and waited for our turn to have our luggage stored.

It didn’t take us long to have our bags kept, after which we decided to explore the rest of the hotel grounds first. But, not before uploading some photos and updates on Facebook first as there is a strong and free Wi-Fi signal at their lobby. Teehee.

Hong Kong Disney Hollywood Hotel has very spacious grounds. In the middle is a long street lined with palm trees reminiscent of that famous Hollywood street in Los Angeles (Palm-tree-lined Windsor Blvd.). In Hollywood Hotel, it’s called Hollywood Blvd.

It was chilly outside, perfect for our cool weather getup.  

My mom and I loved the flowers and other verdant foliage that fill the hotel’s beautiful landscape. Mickey Mouse benches line up the side street for folks who wish to take a rest while enjoying the view of the surroundings.

Our favourite spot, located at the far end of the hotel grounds, is the huge sign of HOLLYWOOD HOTEL in big bold letters. It made us feel as if we’re really in Hollywood even if it’s just for a short while. There were a lot of tourists and guests in that area when we got there so it was difficult to get a solo shot. We had to wait awhile for the others to finish their picture taking then it was our turn…

Beyond the Hollywood Hotel sign are wider and hilly greenery and landscapes. I’m thinking that if only I have kids, I’d let them run around this place, with my mom and I running after them. Hehehe.

Then my mom and I went outside the gate to enjoy the view at the Discovery Bay. We can’t believe we’re both here and we’re finally bonding as a family which my mom and I rarely do these days. It was truly a mother and daughter magical moment together. And of all places, we got to do it here at Hong Kong Disney Hollywood Hotel. We feel really blessed.

After our leisurely walk, my mom and I started getting hungry so we headed back to the hotel. On our way back, we took a different route and saw this awesome display of old classic cars. 

Farther down the road, near the hotel building, there’s also a swimming pool at the left side of the grounds if you’re facing the hotel. But we noticed that no one was swimming. Probably because the weather was so cold I don’t think anybody would want to don their swimsuits and bikinis.

Wanna go for a dip?

It was already about 11:00 am when we reached the hotel building. We didn’t want to spoil our lunch so we just got a sandwich, bottled water and potato salad at Hollywood and Dine. It is a quick service restaurant offering salads, sandwiches, fresh fruits, juices, noodles, congee, dim sums and European-style pastries. We spent about HK$98 for our snacks. It’s a pretty standard rate for luxury theme hotels like Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. The food was so filling that my mom and I didn’t get to finish everything. Well, at least I’d still have some to munch on while touring Disneyland Park later in the afternoon.

Snacks at Hollywood and Dine

My mom and I were finally able to check-in at around past 8:00 in the evening. Because at around 12 noon, we headed to Disneyland Hotel for a scrumptious plated lunch (which I will share on a different post) then headed off to Disneyland Park the rest of the afternoon and early evening (which I will also share on a different post). Hence, this super late hotel room check-in.

We were both happy with our room. It had two double beds, cable TV, fridge, clean and posh bathroom with bathtub and hot and cold shower.

Our garden view room

We were on the 9th floor and we got the least expensive room type which is the garden view. Still, we got a very good view of the hotel grounds and the Discovery Bay. There’s also internet service inside the room via LAN cable at HK$120 for 24 hours. Good enough for me!

The view from our room

If you’d like to stay here too, you can try the Sea View room, their most expensive room type ranging from HK$1,900 to HK$2,700 depending on the season of your visit. Here, you get to wake up to the amazing view of the sea and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the sparkling bay. They also have the Park View rooms where you get to enjoy the pretty landscape of the park and be part of the magic of Disney 24 hours a day.

My mom and I truly enjoyed our stay here at Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Aside from the posh surroundings, lush greenery, beautiful landscapes, accommodating staff and excellent hotel service, it was also easy for us to get to and fro Disneyland Park. This is because just outside the hotel, there’s a bus station where guests wait for complimentary resort shuttle buses that will take them from one hotel to the other all the way to the park. They come in every few minutes every day so guests won’t have to wait very long.

My mom and I while waiting for the bus that will bring us to Disneyland Park

Til my next post! I’ll be sharing with you our adventures at Disneyland Park where the magic never ends! J


The Pickiest Eater said...

Looks amazing! I've been dreaming of taking my wife (she's a disney fanatic) and daughter there by next year :)

Pink MagaLine said...

Your and your mom are both traveling in style! :)

The daughter would say "Let's go to HK Disneyland Mama" every now and then. The last time we visited was February 2011. Planning to visit again next year. Sana matuloy. Hihi.

earthlingorgeous said...

Nice ! I've been to HK Disneyland twice but have not stayed in the hotel yet. Will try some other time :) Ang mahal ng Taxi nyo sis sana nag MTR nalang kayo! Hahaha.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Pickiest Eater. It's more amazing in person. Do visit soon!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Pink Magaline, thanks! :)

I hope matuloy kayo. You'll love it here!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Sissy Earth, oonga. Tamad lang kami mag MTR. Hayaan mo na. Lesson learned. Hahaha

April Perez said...

We stir away from staying at the disney hotel, malayo kasi sa shopping areas! We usually stay somewhere in nathan road, but maybe the next time i bring my daughter, we'll consider staying here. she'll enjoy for sure!

Sumi Go said...

Wow! It's so nice that you got to have a great bonding time with your mom, and in Hong Kong Disneyland pa.. :) I haven't been there yet but hopefully by next year, the bf and I can get our very own HK Disneyland adventure too.

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