Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exciting Nightlife Activities in Montreal

Montreal is the second biggest city in the second biggest country of the world, Canada, and it is incredibly popular with international tourists as well as domestic ones – and for good reason!

The main star of the show in Montreal has to be its glitzy and glamorous nightlife; the city truly shines at night with its buzzing party atmosphere – it’s something you really don’t want to miss!

With a wide range of nightclubs, bars and pubs, Montreal is the party capital of the Great White North, so you’ll be well and truly spoilt for choice. Whether you like to dance all night, chill out with a nice cocktail, or simply listen to the latest and greatest tunes, this city has something for you, as this guide by AutoEurope.ca shows…

Here’s the skinny.

Club – New City Gas
New City Gas (or NCG) has been on a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years. There are two floors, but you’ll have to get on the guestlist – weekends are always fully booked, meaning the DJ sets sell out in no time.

With startling lightshows and incredible music, NCG is the perfect place to spend a Saturday night, and though it hasn’t been open long it is already attracting the superstars of the DJ world, such as Tiesto and Bob Sinclar.

Remember – make sure you book early, otherwise you simply won’t get through the doors!

Bar – Chez Serge
Down on St Laurent Boulevard you will find this completely bizarre bar. Yes, it has your typical bar snacks, and your normal selection of beers, spirits and cocktails, but you can drink your booze out of a sand bucket!
Once you are suitably liquored up, you can put that bucketful of Dutch courage to good use and take on the automated bull. You will fail. Giddy up!

Club – Koko
If you prefer your watering holes to be of the classier variety, you will love Koko. It has the perfect lounge atmosphere, with a very traditional décor. You’ll find it close to Chez Serge, near Sherbrooke.
It is rather sophisticated, so stick to smart-casual at least and you’ll be all set to appreciate the class of the place and indulge in a bit of celebrity spotting.

Bar – La Distillerie
This place is also pretty interesting – all of their drinks are served in a variety of jars, of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Not shot glasses or pint glasses, but jars.
And don’t think for an instant that the drinks themselves are ordinary – although they do offer the usuals, they also have a wide range of more unusual drinks, with ingredients ranging anywhere from cinnamon to seaweed.

Club – Terrace Bonsecours
Near Montreal’s Old Port, Terrace Bonsecours is the perfect place to spend a warm summer’s evening. You’ll benefit from a fantastic view of the Old Town as you sip your cocktail and get your groove on to one of the many eclectic DJs.

Get gussied up in your best shirts or your finest heels and join the fashionable throngs at Bonsecours. 

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