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Plan Your City Break to Prague

Prague is one of the more vibrant and exciting cities in Europe with loads to do to fill your holiday to the Czech capital. It is very easy to visit this beautiful location without a definitive plan and spend the time wandering and enjoying the sights and sounds of the enthralling little streets and town squares.

But often it can be useful to have a plan to give your holiday some structure and also to ensure that you get to see the essential points of interest. Let’s take a look at how to plan a weekend getaway in Prague.

Travel & Accommodation

Prague has plenty of places to stay right in the centre, be it a self-catering apartment, hotel or hostel. Hostels are available from as little as £9 per night if you want a cheap weekend. Compare prices online to find the cheapest places to stay in the city.

Flights from the UK only take around 2 hours, and depending on who you book with can be picked up for under £50. You can find the cheapest flights to Prague here:


It might be an idea to sign up for one of the excellent tours that are offered in the city, just to get your trip off to a great start! A particularly fun tour is one on bike. You could take a trip from Prague to a nearby city and see the countryside and riverside paths as well as the landmarks in the city centre – great for experiencing the diversity of the city and its surroundings.

Or on a smaller scale, a tour on foot will allow to get a look at the essential spots such as the Charles Bridge and the excellent little streets such as the Golden Lane. The Charles Bridge is undoubtedly the main attraction Prague has to offer so by the afternoon, the place is swamped by tourists. The best idea may be to take a make across the bridge first thing in the morning when it is at its quietest – and also its most entrancing.

Jewish Quarter

Afterwards, it might be an idea to visit the Jewish quarter of the city. This is a part of Prague steeped in history and offers a really authentic view of Prague. Pick up some breakfast from one of the great market stalls. While there, it is definitely worthwhile seeing one of the many beautiful synagogues and soaking up the historic architecture of the area.

Old Town Square

The afternoon should undoubtedly be spent in the centre of the city, where the most exciting aspects of Prague come to life. Head to the Old Town Square, arguably the hub of the city, and enjoy the hourly performance by the Astronomical clock which overlooks the square. Every hour, everyone in the square, alerted by the sudden mechanical movements and noises, will tilt their heads to enjoy the emerging little wooden characters and complex machine. Although believed to be a myth, it has been heard the creator of the clock was blinded while creating the enormously intricate clock.

Cuisine and Beer!

The evening should be focused on only one pursuit: enjoying the great beer of Prague, accompanied of course by the wonderful local food. Beer is big business in the Czech Republic, particularly in its capital. And this isn’t restricted to the big brands. Microbreweries are very popular in the city and the authentic and wholesome idea of brewing your own beer and serving it in a comforting and friendly environment is endlessly appealing. U Fleku is definitely one to try (although they only serve one beer!) and also U Medvidku. The perfect way to round of the day in Prague.

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