Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tours & Things to Do in Sharm el Sheik

Sharm el Sheik is a place that not many Western travellers have the chance to visit. However, there are many fascinating experiences to have on you trip to Sharm el Sheik. Fantastic diving, colourful deserts, and exotic dancers will surely create a memorable experience. 

One of the biggest activities in Sharm el Sheik is diving. The corals are alive and well here, and haven't experienced as much damage from tourists as the corals in other locations around the world. The beautiful and diverse marine life in Sharm el Sheik is really spectacular to see. Even first time divers can take a discover class, where they will learn the basics of diving and do a small dive. Instructors are knowledgeable and manage safety well. 

The desert is an obvious attraction in Egypt, and Sharm el Sheik is a great base for starting an excursion into the desert. Things you will encounter include colourful sands, sweeping dunes, and hardy Bedouin people. There are several options for transport during your desert excursion. Some people choose to do trekking tours. Others prefer to cover more distance by taking a jeep. Yet others want to experience a camel or horseback ride through the sands. It is important to always take a tour; guides will keep you safe in the harsh environment of the desert. Plus, tours can give you more of the history of the area, adding a lot of value to your visit. 

Camels are also popular for rides along the Red Sea. Many tour guides can arrange visits of a few hours or less. The guides will teach you how to ride the camels and then take you on a ride along the coast of the Red Sea. The coast is stunning, with its deep blue waters giving way to endless dunes. You’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of this incredible day. 

After a busy day in Sharm el Sheik, it's nice to come home and have some relaxing entertainment. The nightly shows at Alf Lela w Lela offer you a chance to enjoy some delicious Egyptian cuisine while watching live exotic entertainment. Belly dancers, male and female, will show you the traditional and modern dances of Egypt, set to live Egyptian music. This experience is not to be missed. 

When you are tired from all of this activity, retreat to your luxury hotel. Sharm el Sheik is known around the world for its opulent hotels with incredible sea views. Spend a day relaxing by the pool, and enjoying the breeze that the palm trees bring. Enjoy the world class service that these resorts offer; no detail was spared in the planning of their guests' experience. 

Those who make it to Sharm el Sheik are in for a real treat. The many extremes and exotic experiences of this country will exhaust you, but then you are only a few minutes' drive away from the luxury and comfort you expect from a vacation. For these reasons, Sharm el Sheik is an excellent vacation choice.

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