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Sagada with Barefoot Travels: An Introduction

Sagada Rice Terraces

Sagada has always been one of my dream destinations ever since my younger sister told me that she's been there during her UP days (about 15 years ago) and it was such an awesome experience for her. She was telling me all these wonderful stories of heading there atop a jeepney squeezed between her friends traversing the dangerous and steep sides of the mountainous Banaue while intoxicated with alcohol and what-not. It sounded so much fun and I wanted to experience that too. Unfortunately, between my younger sister and me, I am not as brave. So whenever I'd try to schedule a trip to Sagada, visions of buses and jeepneys falling off a cliff would pop in my head and just as soon as I thought of going there, my dream would immediately fade away too. Yeah, I'm such a scaredy cat. 

My dream of riding on top of a jeepney while cruising along Sagada  finally came true!!! Thanks Kuya Lawrence for this awesome photo!

Then sometime middle of December 2013, I met a guy on Facebook. It was probably a blessing that I answered his private message coz that was same time that I think I was having one of those midlife crises that I wanted to have 5,000 friends on Facebook just for kicks. I started accepting friend requests from strangers all over the world and in just a week I was able to reach 5,000 friends. Unfortunately, some of them turned out as freaks asking for my nude pictures, or what the color of my nipple is or some other obscene thing like sending me a photo of their private parts (eeewwwww!!!!). Many asked for my number which I readily gave at first only to regret that decision later on coz most of them kept calling me and bugging me about non-sense flirtations which I wasn't interested in nor will I ever be interested at. (I'm not generalizing... There were a few though who were really nice.) So I started blocking some of those new friends on Facebook and stopped looking at my inbox (unless they're from my husband or my best friends). 

Then I saw a message from Rons Nebre. The thing that caught my attention was when he mentioned he was from Ateneo too. He turned out to be the Founder and Managing Director of Barefoot Travels, an organization committed to developing and organizing affordable, one-of-a-kind trips perfectly suited for yuppies, students and urbanites. And you know me, the moment I heard the word "affordable" and "unique", I was all for it! After all, I am a budget traveller. My heart started beating so fast and that meant he already got me hooked! I was very much excited, especially when he mentioned that they were having a scheduled trip to Sagada soon. OMG! That was it! No time to feel scared. It was then or never for me. I'm not getting any younger and my knees aren't getting any stronger so I might as well join them in this Sagada trip. Plus, Rons assured me that I'd be traveling with experts since they always go back to this place every so often. 
This is it! I'm a Barefoot Traveller!

Barefoot Travels is all about affordable travel. 
"We are a group of friends who share a common passion for adventure, the outdoors and the love for nature. Our philosophy is simple:
Travelling need not be expensive. Nature will speak for itself. 
It is because of our passion and philosophy that we’ve decided to create an organization committed to developing and arranging affordable unique trips and one-of-a-kind experiences for yuppies, students and urbanites. 
Go Travel. Be practical. Have Fun. Go Barefoot."  -

So to make this long introduction short, I told Baboo Peter about my plans of going to Sagada. As generous and kind as he is, he encouraged me to do it. I told my super best friend about it too. Bessy Hanz was so happy for me coz he also knows how much I love to travel and explore new places. So that was it! I gave my confirmation to Rons and I was scheduled to travel with them to Sagada on Dec. 26-29, 2013. He then gave me a copy of the Sagada primer and itinerary. Reading the places I'd be visiting in Sagada made me all the more ecstatic! Indeed, going to Sagada was one of the best decisions I've made in my life! 

Above are copies of the introduction to the Sagada primer and the itinerary to give you a little idea  on what to expect and not to expect should you decide to also go on one of Barefoot Travel's future Sagada Trips. They have another one this coming February 7-9 so be sure to register with them! There'll be a separate blog post for the whole Sagada Primer and itinerary for your reference. Check it out here: Barefoot Sagada Package Inclusions

Below is a copy of all of Barefoot's upcoming trips until April 2014 with Sagada included. Be sure to register if you want to join. Rons Nebre and his team of travel coordinators will take care of you from the moment you confirm your booking until the time you are brought back home. They are the most caring, accommodating, friendly, kind and fun travel organization I have found and I'm sure you will love them too. You may contact them via their Facebook Page: or through the following:

Mobile: 0917358-9716 | 0923561-0062


Anyway, being there in Sagada made me appreciate life more. Truly, it was more beautiful than the pictures I've seen. I also got to use my winter clothes... No more bikinis for once. Hihihi! 

Left: while hiking to the Hanging Coffins; Right: passing by the Sagada terraces on the way to Bomod-ok Falls
Left: My first Sagada Bonfire; Right: Waiting for sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint

Feeling New Yorker with my new friends. ^_^

AND most importantly, the new friends I've made during my solo journey were priceless (yes, I meant you Rons, Ciara, Kuya Lawrence, Jill, Royce, Rhona, Eyzi, CJ and Benedith). 

With my fellow Barefoot Travellers at the Hanging Coffins

I'll tell you all about my Sagada trip on my next several blog posts this week. For now, do enjoy some of my favorite photos from this trip. 

I've reached the highest point of the Philippine Highway System! Weee! 

Enjoying the view of Bomod-ok Falls

Sagada Bonfire

Orange Picking at Rock Inn, anyone? 

Feeling like a butterfly inside Lumiang Cave. Thanks Jill, for this amazing photo. 

 Lumiang Cave coffins... so eeriee... 

I will be joining Barefoot Travels again on some of  their upcoming trips. Come join me! Follow me on Twitter (sexynomad) and Instagram (jenadamsjuan) and be sure to like my Facebook Page. Let's all make the first half of our 2014 full of travels and adventures. Check out Barefoot Travels and register now.  You may also follow them on Instagram and Twitter : travel_barefoot


Franc Ramon said...

Barefoot Travel looks like a really nice advocacy in promoting tourism at an affordable rate. I haven't been to Sagada yet and I hope to do it real soon.

Johanna Serrano said...

Definitely putting on my bucketlist of travels :D

Joanna Sormunen said...

The place looks amazing! Wish I can afford to visit there sometime. It seems you had as amazing time as you imagined :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Franc! Yes, try their Sagada trip this Feb. You'll enjoy it! :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Johanna, go go go! :D

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Joanna, when you visit the Philippines, include Sagada on your list of Go To places. :)

Debarpan said...

Pictures are amazing,hope to visit there someday but definitely not barefoot hahaha. :)

Sumi Go said...

I've always wanted to go to Sagada too! Thank you so much for sharing about Barefoot Travels, your Sagada trip, and even the primer and itinerary! ^^ Very helpful! Hoping I could join their Sagada tour some time soon. Siguro after April if they'll have another one :)

Martina said...

Very interesting and informative article (and yes there are all sorts of people on the net - I know by first hand) I would definitely consider Sagada if I get the chance :)

Joel P. Rivadeneira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joel P. Rivadeneira said...

SAGADA, definitely a place to Go, Thanks for the info. Will be putting this on my bucket list.

Joel P. Rivadeneira said...

SAGADA, definitely a place to Go, Thanks for the info. Will be putting this on my bucket list.

William Rodriguez said...

I wish someday I could travel also in in such a beautiful place. Keep it up, more travel articles to come...

William Rodriguez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DaNnEa said...

beautiful pictures! Actually my friends and I are planning to visit Sagada this October and all the information here, particularly the affordable rates, will be a big help! Thank you!

Kathy Ngo said...

Now you got me all excited ... I love it! I'm definitely gonna be a part of this group.


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