Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Summer Travel Schedule w/ Barefoot Travels

Can you feel the heat? Yep, I think summer is here! After that cold spell we all experienced in January, I'm ready to welcome the warm and sunny weather coz that means more beach trips and more travels!

If you're "nomadic" like me and have this immense thirst for traveling, you might be interested in what I want to share with you. Even if you're not the wanderer type, but you've been dreaming about getting out of the office and going on some adventure somewhere, then this post is for you too.  

In the past, I was used to traveling on my own if not with my hubby. Then a time came when I always wanted to travel with my old friends. Then sometime 2012, I started traveling with my bessy. Recently though, I discovered a group who likes organizing fun and affordable travels and I've already been with them thrice! They're called BAREFOOT TRAVELS. My experience with them in Sagada was life-changing! Then last month, I've been to Baler with them twice! The first was for an overnight trip and the second was for a 3D/2N surfcation. 

Before I came to know BAREFOOT TRAVELS, the only other traveling group I've been with was Travel Factor back in April 2012 when I first visited Baler with my hubby and gf Koryn. We had some mishaps at that time with Travel Factor but I still considered it fun because I was with my husband and friend. However, with BAREFOOT TRAVELS, considering that I was by myself and I didn't know anyone when I first went with them (to Sagada),  it was really a nice surprise how much I came to love, adore and miss this group! Plus, it's a bonus that every time I join them in their travels, I get to meet new and interesting individuals from all over! It's really an amazing experience every single time. I think it's because their travel coordinators who go along these trips are really nice, friendly and accommodating people. The bring out the best in each participant and they're also all for the adventure, camaraderie and bond that come with these trips which I love that about Barefoot Travels. 

And now that summer is here, it's time to travel some more and go BAREFOOT! I'm sure many of you are looking forward to spending some quality time relaxing on a beach, or surfing, or climbing mountains or just simply heading out there onto a new adventure, bonding with friends, families, loved ones or simply enjoying yourself or meeting new people. If so, check out the following schedules that BAREFOOT TRAVELS has for you beginning this month all the way through May: 

15 - 16: Baler

8-9: Baler
15-16: Mt. Pulag
22: Pinatubo
21-23: Sagada
29-20: Calaguas

4-6: Ilocos
5-6: Anawangin
5-6: Baler
12: Visita Iglesia (Batangas)

2-4: Sagada
3-4: Caramoan
10-11: Anawangin
10-11: Baler
16-18: Ilocos
24-25: Baler
31: Pinatubo

This is going to be so much fun!!!  

For those who are asking when I'll be traveling again with Barefoot, here are the dates I've booked with them:

Mar. 15-16: Pulag
March 22: Pinatubo
April 5-6: Anawangin
April 12: Visita Iglesia (Batangas)
April 26-27: Calaguas

As for my past trips with Barefoot, please read the previous blog posts I wrote about them so far:

Sagada with Barefoot Travels: An Introduction

Barefoot Travels Baler Surf and Trek Adventure

So what are you waiting for? Check out Barefoot Travels and register now. Come join me! You may also follow them on Instagram and Twitter : travel_barefoot. Or contact them through the following: 

Mobile: 0917358-9716 | 0923561-0062
Email:  barefoottravels@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.barefoottravels.org  

Follow me also on Twitter (sexynomad) and Instagram (jenadamsjuan) and be sure to like my Facebook Page. Let's all make the first half of our 2014 full of travels and adventures.


Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Looks interesting :D Hindi pa ako nakakapag-Mt. Pulag or Calaguas 0_0

Hope to travel with you Ate Jen. Long delayed na yan haha

michymichymoo said...

I miss going to Baler! I'm going to save this. I badly need a vacation. :|


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