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Berjaya, Petronas and Menare KL Tower: Kuala Lumpur Walking Tour

It's been a week since it happened and my days have been a roller coaster ride of varying degrees of extreme emotions. In order to get out of my funk, I thought I'd do other things that I enjoy like blogging. In this particular post, I'd like to just share with you that time Jayme and I did our Asian trip in January 2010. I never got to finish that series because life took over and as they say, the rest is history. Well, this is one history of my life that I'd like to document. And hopefully, from this post, my days will be filled with blogging about my previous trips all the way to present. It's always nice going back to old happy travel memories.

So Jayme and I had just come from Singapore and Vietnam. A quick stopover at Kuala Lumpur was next on the list. Since we were on a budget, we just decided to go around the city via bus and on foot. After checking out Batu Caves in Selangor, Malaysia located north of Kuala Lumpur, we had some lunch at a vegetarian Hindu place first just outside the gates of the Batu Caves before boarding a bus back to the city of Kuala Lumpur. 


Back in the city, we stopped by Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall just adjacent to the Berjaya Times Square Hotel majestically towering over the skyline of Kuala Lumpur City since it is located right at its center. 

 Berjaya Time Square

Both hotel and mall can be easily accessed via monorail or road to all primary attractions around the city of KL. It is a must-see place for both leisure and business travelers.

Inside Berjaya Time Square shopping mall

So Jayme and I went around the mall to shop and sight-see (OMG I just remembered! Those knee-high striped socks I bought haven't been worn yet til now... talk about being a  shopaholic!)  

 Sweet Chat

It is a huge mall! So when we got tired, we had snacks at Sweet Chat, one of those places that offer vegetarian food, perfect for Jayme.

When we both had our fill, we decided to go out of the mall. But instead of commuting, we took a walk... a very long walk in and around the city, you know, with no map and just let our feet lead us wherever. Anyway if ever we get tired, we figured, we can always take a cab back to our lodging place. 

Walking around KL

So that's what we did. It was at this time that I first learned how much I love to walk no matter how far! That's a good thing, right? No wonder on many of my succeeding travels after this one, I found myself having fun walking in and around the cities and provinces of the Philippines and around Asia.

Going back, Jayme and I walked until well after sunset. We dropped by Central Market at Jalan Petaling (Chinatown in Petaling Street) and shopped for some more native stuff. 

 China Town in Petaling Street

Then we took the train to Petronas Towers. Chinatown is actually accessible to the rest of the city of KL via train through the Pasar Seni station located along the Rapid KL Kelana-Jaya line. So that's where we went after in order to get a ride to Petronas Towers. 

 at Pasar Seni Station

The Petronas Twin Towers at night were amazing!!!

Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Towers soar to a height of 451.9 meters. It is an 88-storey twin structure which is considered to be the crown jewel of Kuala Lumpur. Jayme and I only saw them from afar that afternoon and even then they were already majestic. But they are even more so dazzling at night!  The whole structure's inspiration came from Tun Mahathir Mohamad and his vision for Malaysia to be a world player. True enough, together with its master architect, Cesar Pelli, the Petronas Towers became an international icon which powerfully captures the country's high aspirations and ambitions.

Petronas Twin Towers

After spending quite a while admiring the dazzling view of the twin towers, Jayme and I walked back to the city. On our way to Jalan Alor, we had an amazing view of the Kuala Lumpur Tower or Menara which we also saw that afternoon. Only if we had more than enough money, we'd really go up there. Maybe next time. I heard that the view from the top is breathtaking! After all, Menara is the world's 7th tallest communication tower. It may not be as popular as the very majestic Petronas Towers, but still, the observation deck at Menara KL is a full 100 meters higher than that of the Petronas Twin Towers' Skybridge. 

 Menara KL Tower

Anyway, we had dinner somewhere along Jalan Alor and then retired for the night.

Til my next travel post. (^_^)

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