Thursday, October 20, 2016

La Union Surf Resort & Isdaan

La Union Surf Resort & Isdaan

March 16, 2009
Yep, you read it right. I went sunbathing in La Union together with our friends instead of doing what I naturally loved to do there before — surfing.
It was a very sad moment for me when I realized that I haven’t overcome the trauma I got from my near death experience last December 2007. I felt a mixture of chilling fright, panic and severe anxiety the moment wavy waters reached up to my knees. I tried to fight my fear several times by trying to body board, with Peter and our friends just inches away from me. But still, the traumatic emotions were too much that I just totally gave up trying and just sunbathed the rest of our stay there. I felt so melancholic….  I didn’t even want to blog about it. I felt so down… I went on a sex binge with my husband the moment we got home.
Anyway, I know this is my blog and I have every right to go into detail about this not-so-happy weekend rendezvous. But in fairness to our friends, who I’m sure had a great time, I’ll try to limit the negativity on this post. But if in case I do go overboard, just keep in mind that these are just my feelings which need an outlet. And what better place to express them  than here on my own diary, right?
To drown my sorrows, I spent a while tinkering with Nikki (my Nikon D40)during the early morning of our second day.  I walked all the way to the other side of the beach, taking photos of  whatever seemed interesting. It’s been a long time since I was last alone with Nikki. I rarely use it to the point that people call it Peter’s D40 when in fact I was the one who bought it  for myself, with my own money, with the intention of learning how to take good photos. My blood actually boils when I hear people call it Peter’s camera  (I’m very possessive that way).  Partly because I am selfish and also because it just means that I never get to use it as much as I’d like to. Hopefully, my trip to Indonesia will change all that. 

Going back to our La Union trip, it’s not all that bad, I guess. Despite the fact that the set of friends we invited with us have nothing in common with each other(hence the many awkward silences and tense moments), at least I got to be with my girlfriends and Peter got to spend time with his own friends.
It’s just not as fun for me compared to all our other La Union trips before when all our different friends jived and cliqued as soon as they were introduced.  This time around, it’s as if nobody really cared enough to be interested with the other group and vice versa. Or maybe, it’s just my own perception. You see, a huge part of my enjoyment when I go to trips with friends comes from being able to really talk about deep stuff and laugh at the shallowest of things. For some reason, this rarely happened and it just saddened me a bit more.
So what else happened on this trip? I guess nothing much. There was drinking(we came prepared with alcohol and cocktail mixes), dinner at Halu-Halo de Iloko, a visit at SOUL Cafe the next day, a bit of sightseeing at ISDAAN and lots of sunbathing. I really need to get over this vacation, emotionally speaking. Hopefully, our remaining trips this summer will turn out awesome and memorable in a good way. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Goodbye Sexynomad, Hello Momtraneur!

I thought of writing a very long detailed post on why I decided to no longer update this blog and open a new one instead but I don't want to dwell in the past as much as I already have and I just want to fully move on... so I'll just summarize my reasons here: 

1. The term "Sexynomad" was coined by my ex and I just want to let everything about him go. 
2. I can no longer relate to the term "Sexynomad" because my life now revolves around my son. I can't just up and go whenever I want to because the last time we did, my son got sick. So it's all about my little angel now while I still try to balance other aspects of my life. 
3. Sexynomad embodies, for the most part, my past life which I am still grateful to have had because it made me the kind of person I am now --- stronger, more resilient, wiser and kinder, But just like any case of fully moving on, I really really wanted to start fresh and new. 

Hence, my new blog MOMTRANEUR. That's where I'll be sharing my new life from now on as a mother, traveler and entrepreneur

See you there! 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review: NWorld, Black Pearl, Jericho, Proactive, Bio Oil --- My Facial Skin Journey

The following is a detailed account of the experiences my facial skin went through from February 18, 2016 up to present (April 26). This is not to generalize the effects of the various skin products I used because there so many factors concerned which is why effects on skin may vary from person to person depending on existing variables like skin type, age, hormonal changes, genes, etc. 

Read more: 


Monday, October 06, 2014

Adventour Magazine Features Sexy Nomad

I was surprised to receive a copy of Adventour magazine last week! It was actually delivered to my home Wednesday evening just before I went out to do the groceries. I didn't have the time to read it though until Friday late afternoon and boy oh boy was I surprised to see myself featured on 7 full pages!!! I was so ecstatic!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Buri Resort and Spa - Answer to My Prayer

This was the exact room I was provided with during my stay!

God works in mysterious ways and he does answer our prayers whether we see it or not. In my case, with my work being home-based, and myself being home alone most of the time (if I'm not traveling), I do get lonely. Usually, this feeling of loneliness is manageable but there comes a time, like a few days after my bessy Hanz went back to Cebu and I was missing him a lot, that I felt really sad. The pain in my heart was so palpable like I couldn't breathe. So I talked to God and told him that I can't live like this... I don't want to be by myself all the time; I need some semblance of social life (love life if possible!). But most, if not all of my friends, are busy with kids, families and careers. And the current object of my affection is miles away. Then I remember what I learned from Rhonda Byrne's The Secret before, that I don't have to know nor see how my wishes will be granted, but that I should just believe that it will happen in God's own time. And true enough, the universe opened its doors the moment it saw that I was ready. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Taiwan Buddha Memorial Center and the 2012 International Youth Seminar on Life and Ch'an Day 3.

Hi guys! Si here's the continuation... Like I said in my previous post (Taiwan FGS Buddha Memorial Center Tour: A Prologue), so far, the third day of the youth camp has been the most fun of all. Aside from the usual protocol done during early morning meditation, breakfast and lunch, we did Sutra Calligraphy, listened to a talk about Life and Ch'an, witnessed Buddhist chanting, did a Dharma Hunt, watched a concert and ended the day with a Light Offering and Prayer Ceremony. So first things first...

Sutra Calligraphy

At 8am, all delegates gathered at the assembly hall. For the first time, we saw the hall filled with rows and rows of tables and chairs. We all went to our respective groups then took a seat. On our table were sheets of calligraphy and pens. At 8:00, one of the Venerable Masters explained to us what calligraphy is and what it entails to trace the different characters on the piece of parchment. It's not just about copying or tracing, but it's about meditating about the meaning of the characters as we trace them... it's about finding wisdom in the calligraphy... it's about ch'an or meditation. It's about freeing the mind from worries and other attachments and living at the moment.

Before we all started tracing the calligraphy, a little prayer ceremony was done where all delegates participated by praying through chanting. Then from 8:30 am - 9:00 am, we all traced the calligraphy.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Heading to Real, Quezon with Barefoot Travels... Who wants to join?

*Due to typhoon Glenda and Henry recently, this trip was re-scheduled to Aug. 2 and September 6.

Just a quick post... I'll be going with Barefoot Travels this Saturday, July 19, 2014. There are still a few slots left. Who wants to join? Please read the details below:

Surf and Trek Adventure
Real, Quezon

Real is a small first class municipality in Quezon province, approximately 145 kilometers from Manila. Conveniently located only 2.5-3 hours away from the Metro passing by the picturesque Laguna Lake and the scenic Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges, this town is slowly becoming a beach destination for quick and easy weekend getaways. With its coastline facing the Pacific Ocean, this has also become a surfers’ haven due to its great waves and much less crowded surf spots.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

100 Happy Days Project - I'm Back!

OMG! It's been a really LOOOONG time since I've last written here. People, most especially my girl best friend, Mer, has been urging me to continue blogging, but no thanks to Facebook, it just seems easier to post on social media sites than to spend hours drafting a blog post. On the other hand, I do see the value of blogging still. Aside from the fact that it's important when it comes to marketing products and services (which I do for some of my clients), personal blogging like what I do here, is still very catahrtic for me... I still treat it like a diary where I pour my heart and soul. It's just that the last 3 months have been very hard on me that I couldn't bring myself to write. But now that I feel much better, here goes...

So what have I been up to since I last posted here?

Okay, to summarize:

1. I've been separated from my ex-hubby since early March (If we're not close, don't ask why. I want to keep some parts of my private life private since my ex is a very private person.)
2. I went away and vacayed for two months in Oslob, Cebu City, Dumaguete, Dapitan, Dipolog, Claveria and Cagayan de Oro City (which I still plan to blog about in more detail sometime).
3. When I came back, I just focused on moving forward by first hibernating at home where I found joy in cooking once again.
4. I started going out (no, not to date... I hate dating!), but going out with friends or as friends.
5. I started making new dreams and plans too for myself through the help and support of my family and closest friends. Now I feel like things are starting to fall into place once again.

I think I started feeling much better, after June 8 (our supposed 12th anniversary --- which has been tumultuous and heartbreaking for me). After that fateful day was when I finally decided to be happy again no matter what, hence, the start of my #100HappyDays project.

Below are snippets of what my first 5 days after June 8 were like. I'll continue to blog about my 100 Happy Days in between other blog posts. And yes, thanks also to an FB friend and avid follower, Rona Chen, I indeed will continue blogging again. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Berjaya, Petronas and Menare KL Tower: Kuala Lumpur Walking Tour

It's been a week since it happened and my days have been a roller coaster ride of varying degrees of extreme emotions. In order to get out of my funk, I thought I'd do other things that I enjoy like blogging. In this particular post, I'd like to just share with you that time Jayme and I did our Asian trip in January 2010. I never got to finish that series because life took over and as they say, the rest is history. Well, this is one history of my life that I'd like to document. And hopefully, from this post, my days will be filled with blogging about my previous trips all the way to present. It's always nice going back to old happy travel memories.

So Jayme and I had just come from Singapore and Vietnam. A quick stopover at Kuala Lumpur was next on the list. Since we were on a budget, we just decided to go around the city via bus and on foot. After checking out Batu Caves in Selangor, Malaysia located north of Kuala Lumpur, we had some lunch at a vegetarian Hindu place first just outside the gates of the Batu Caves before boarding a bus back to the city of Kuala Lumpur. 


Back in the city, we stopped by Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall just adjacent to the Berjaya Times Square Hotel majestically towering over the skyline of Kuala Lumpur City since it is located right at its center. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Of Endings and Beginnings

I've been feeling the blues and it's been going on for a while now (severe depression which has been on and off since 2012). I was pretty ok last half of 2013. The NLP / Neurolinguistic Programming sessions I took in September helped a lot. In a way, the emotional baggage I've been bringing with me since I was a kid got healed somehow. Plus the non-stop travels I did the past two years did a lot of good to my psyche. 

The non-stop hopping from place to place was tiring, yes, and I was welcoming the rest I will be having from these trips come February, my birthday month which was last month, the only time I got to rest from my travels since January 2012. 

Fun, fun Feb, my birthday month!

Everything was going great; I was looking forward to celebrating my 36th birthday at home despite all the emotional trials I've been going through... until something hit me hard and since then I was never the same. :( :( :(

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Summer Travel Schedule w/ Barefoot Travels

Can you feel the heat? Yep, I think summer is here! After that cold spell we all experienced in January, I'm ready to welcome the warm and sunny weather coz that means more beach trips and more travels!

If you're "nomadic" like me and have this immense thirst for traveling, you might be interested in what I want to share with you. Even if you're not the wanderer type, but you've been dreaming about getting out of the office and going on some adventure somewhere, then this post is for you too.  

In the past, I was used to traveling on my own if not with my hubby. Then a time came when I always wanted to travel with my old friends. Then sometime 2012, I started traveling with my bessy. Recently though, I discovered a group who likes organizing fun and affordable travels and I've already been with them thrice! They're called BAREFOOT TRAVELS. My experience with them in Sagada was life-changing! Then last month, I've been to Baler with them twice! The first was for an overnight trip and the second was for a 3D/2N surfcation. 

Before I came to know BAREFOOT TRAVELS, the only other traveling group I've been with was Travel Factor back in April 2012 when I first visited Baler with my hubby and gf Koryn. We had some mishaps at that time with Travel Factor but I still considered it fun because I was with my husband and friend. However, with BAREFOOT TRAVELS, considering that I was by myself and I didn't know anyone when I first went with them (to Sagada),  it was really a nice surprise how much I came to love, adore and miss this group! Plus, it's a bonus that every time I join them in their travels, I get to meet new and interesting individuals from all over! It's really an amazing experience every single time. I think it's because their travel coordinators who go along these trips are really nice, friendly and accommodating people. The bring out the best in each participant and they're also all for the adventure, camaraderie and bond that come with these trips which I love that about Barefoot Travels. 

And now that summer is here, it's time to travel some more and go BAREFOOT! I'm sure many of you are looking forward to spending some quality time relaxing on a beach, or surfing, or climbing mountains or just simply heading out there onto a new adventure, bonding with friends, families, loved ones or simply enjoying yourself or meeting new people. If so, check out the following schedules that BAREFOOT TRAVELS has for you beginning this month all the way through May: 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Barefoot Travels Baler Surf and Trek Adventure

Baler Adventure

Hey gais! I'm still here in Cebu, in Oslob in particular. I've been traveling non-stop so to speak since last year and now that I'n resting a bit here at my bessy's place (my flight back to Manila is early tomorrow at 3am), I decided to make time for another blog post, this time about Baler. I was just there last Jan. 11-12 when I joined Barefoot Travels in their surfing adventure. I'm going back there for a longer vacation this time, from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, for a surfcation as they call it. Two more slots are still available so if you want to join, contact Barefoot now at +63923-5610062; +63917-3589716. So yeah, as soon as I go home tomorrow, I'll have to pack again for another  surfing trip. Just look at some of the surfing videos my new friends took last time. Who wouldn't want to go back there, right? Whew! What a life! ^_^

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Barefoot Sagada Package Inclusions

Below are the details you need to know if you want to join one of Barefoot Travel's future Sagada trips. I got these details from the primer they sent me a week before my scheduled tour of Sagada. You will receive one too should you decide to join them. You can also read my introductory post about Barefoot Travels and my Sagada excursion with them. Just go to this link here: Sagada with Barefoot Travels: An Introduction. Barefoot Travels has an upcoming Sagada trip this February 7-9 so be sure to register! 

If you wish to contact them for further details and clarifications, feel free to email Barefoot Travels at or contact us at +63917-3589716 or +63923-5610062 Go Travel. Be Practical. Have Fun. Go Barefoot. Work Shoes: OFF LIMITS!

The Annual Sagada Bonfire Fest, now on its 5th year and held every last week of December, is organized by the Sagada Genuine Guides Association or Saggas. It is a night of merry-making, food tripping, music jamming and cultural bonding. Experience this one of a kind bonfire feast as Barefoot Travels brings you to the heart of the Mountain Province this December. 

 SAGADA EXTREME: Php5,500 per person (Php5,250 for early birds) 
STANDARD PACKAGE: Php4,450 per person 

Monday, January 06, 2014

Sagada with Barefoot Travels: An Introduction

Sagada Rice Terraces

Sagada has always been one of my dream destinations ever since my younger sister told me that she's been there during her UP days (about 15 years ago) and it was such an awesome experience for her. She was telling me all these wonderful stories of heading there atop a jeepney squeezed between her friends traversing the dangerous and steep sides of the mountainous Banaue while intoxicated with alcohol and what-not. It sounded so much fun and I wanted to experience that too. Unfortunately, between my younger sister and me, I am not as brave. So whenever I'd try to schedule a trip to Sagada, visions of buses and jeepneys falling off a cliff would pop in my head and just as soon as I thought of going there, my dream would immediately fade away too. Yeah, I'm such a scaredy cat. 


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