Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gab Cheekee of Parokya Ni Edgar - Birthday Bash

Gabriel Ignatius Juan Cheekee, better known as Gab of Parokya ni Edgar, my cousin-in-law, celebrated his birthday last weekend.

Peter, My bestfriend Mer and I came in late coz we just came back from Mall Of Asia (MOA) where we bought some techie stuff (to be featured later). Personally, I wasn't expecting to have fun coz it'll be mostly relatives and families and God knows how uncomfortable I get when it comes to these things. But since it's Gab, we cannot NOT go.
It turned out, I HAD A BLAST!!! It was the most fun party I've been to this year (mine last Feb is 2nd and Peter's bday bash is 3rd in my list) You wanna know why?
1- I got wasted!
2- I didn't expect to see band members there like Parokya (of course) ; Kamikazee (my latest craze); Itchyworms; Urban Dub and other Pinoy bands I don't recognize anymore .
3- Due to my drunken state, I had quite a few booboos (which usually happens when I'm wasted):
JEN to JAY CONTRERAS: Hi! Are you the vocalist of Kamikazee?
JAY: Uhuh..
JEN: You're gwapo pala! How come you look different on TV? Sa TV kasi you look ugly. Oh my God! I have a new crush! Crush na kita!Can I have my picture taken with you? Ok lang pa-hug? (Sabay yakap and pa-picture kay Peter)
JAY: Sure, no prob!
With Jay Contreras
JEN to KAYE ABAD: Hi Kaye! Can I have my picture taken with you?
KAYE: Oo ba..
JEN: Is it true that you and Chito had a baby?
KAYE: Oh no..that's not true at all...
JEN: But it's ok if ever you did naman diba?
KAYE: (Smiling kindly )
Peter and Gab then started talking loudly to divert Kaye's attention.
There were other things I probably did which I don't remember anymore. Here are two more pictures of myself with some band members:
Gab, me and Jugs of Itchyworms (He's friends with Peter since college pa pala):

Me and Led, guitarist of Kamikazee:

Me with Parokya's Vinci(right), Buwi(left) and Gab:

Alone with Buwi:


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