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20th Neil Pryde Funboard Cup Day 2 (Jan. 7, 2008) Part II

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Neil Pryde Funboard Cup 2008


Dinner Party at Acanthus Resort along Angol Beach was slated at 7:30 p.m. Having plenty of time to burn, we again walked all the way down to D'Talipapa and hailed a tricycle to Budget Mart, our supposed meeting place. The resort's multicab was going to bring us all the way to the said far away resort. We were there at around 5:45 p.m. in time for the 6 p.m. pick-up. More and more kiters and wind surfers flocked outside the famous mart waiting for our ride. Tick-tock... tick-tock... It was way past 7p.m. but no one turned up. We were all getting anxious and it was starting to drizzle. Bummer!

Tired of waiting, with our tummies growling in the background, a decision was made to just hail tricycles for all of us. I volunteered to pay for the ride and after a long one, we finally made it --- to the pit stop. The tricycle couldn't go any farther. As it was raining cats and dogs by then, we rested a bit under the shed and thought of what to do. "Ah, what the heck! Let's walk under the rain and find this resort. I'm hungry!". Down the narrow rocky path, all the way to the beach, past several mini resorts and at last, we found it, all wet and more hungry than ever. That was quite an adventure, my dear friends. I hope to do it again. I caught some pictures of cozy-looking beach houses along the way. They reminded me of our new house in Alabang and how I wish I can just fly our house out here where it really belongs. Hehehe. I must be hallucinating from all the walking and adrenaline rush back then.

Naturally, everybody else has already eaten when we got there. Some were already chilling out with their bottles of beer while watching a video of last year's Funboard Cup. Well, as long as there were still enough food for the lot who just got there, I wasn't about to complain.

The rest of the evening was all fun, games and prizes! I didn't win but Rob did, which he gave to Jana afterwards (yiheeee!!!). A funny story here though... Rob, who's always full of surprises, brought with him a little bottle of rhum and started ordering cokes for everyone. Don & I thought he wanted Jana to get wasted again (the other night, he let Jana eat this strange beetlenut that got Jana really red and tipsy) since rhum coke is her favorite drink. Get a room, you guys! Hehehe.

(L-R) Junior, Mark Anthony Antonio, Rob Jordan & Jana

Don Baegle & Muah

Moreover, I officially got acquainted with Mark Anthony Antonio, a former resident of Palawan who worked for a restaurant, who like me, got tired of doing the same monotonous work and decided to live a carefree life instead. He's been teaching kite surfing for 5 years now, recently joined the new Boracay Brookeside Philippine Rowing Team, and was not thinking of going back to Manila any time soon. Made me wonder though... can I do the same thing? Hmmm... If you want to have some kite surfing lessons with Mark in Boracay, contact him at 09277387165. Full course entails 12 hours of lessons at 275 Euros, inclusive of kite and gear. Together with Mark, I also met Lagislao Aguirre, Jr. who is also a kite instructor.

Jana & I with Kite Instructors Junior (left) and Mark (right)

At around 9pm, it was time to go. Having gotten our energies back, would you believe that we walked from Angol beach all the way to Station 2? And we didn't even notice the time flew by so fast! It stopped raining then and some local boys followed and started chatting with us, which I didn't mind. And just before calling it a night, we had this crazy idea of having our hair braided with matching henna tattoo to boot. Now we're definitely islanders (for 5 more days at least!).

We also visited a dive center/resort and inquired about their expensive scuba diving package. Maybe in the near future I'll really take formal lessons instead of just some fun dive like I what I had in Batangas before. And of course, a Bora trip wouldn't be complete without a shot with one of their beach highlights --- giant sand castles.

Having delighted ourselves with yet another set of nocturnal adventures in Bora, it was time to bid the moon and the stars goodnight as we dream about more enthralling days to come...

And the saga continues... Watch out for more Funboard Cup adventures soon!

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