Friday, June 06, 2008

Hong Kong Arrival

The day I made the decision of visiting Hong Kong was a day I will never forget. It was last year when I booked the tickets in advance hoping that I will get cheap flights with Cebu Pacific. But the cheapest I got cost us around Php14,000, round trip. I guess that's not bad at all. So despite the fact that I had no cash (thanks to my then ever reliable Gold Visa Card) and I had no idea (yet) where I'll get the money to pay for the tickets, I booked them, believing that things will fall into place knowing that Peter and I both needed this break. I didn't realize then I was already using the powers of "The Secret". I just knew and felt that money will come to finance this exciting trip. Indeed, a few months after, it did!
The airport alone is superbly chic, posh and amazing!
Finally, the day came when we packed our bags and happily drove to the airport. We were both so excited! I heard so much about how efficient their airport is and I couldn't wait to experience it myself (Having had so many experiences with various domestic airports in the Philippines, landing in an international one is a delight!).
From the arrival area, we went down a very long escalator and boarded a speedy train which brought us to this huge lounging area where we waited for our bus. I swear, you will never get lost in this place! All the signs are perfectly placed and easy to follow!
While waiting for our pick-up bus, we enjoyed the airport scene...

Airport Express Hong Kong Station
As the Hong Kong International Airport at Lantau Island is the pride of Hong Kong, this sense of pride can be extended to IFC's underground Airport Express Station on Hong Kong Island, as well as in Kowloon and Tsing Yi! The reasons are:

1. It's fast, clean, reliable and convenient. With aircraft style seatings, it only takes 23 minutes from the Airport to Hong Kong Station; 20 minutes to Kowloon Station; only 12 minutes to Tsing Yi Station.
2. Most airlines have their check-in counters at both the Hong Kong Station and Kowloon Station. As such, Airport Express passengers can check-in and leave luggage by using the In-town Check-in facilities at these stations, so that they don't need to carry the luggage and can go shopping and eating for the rest of day before heading off to the Airport! (The In-town Check-in service can be used on the same day as departure, and 90 minutes before the aircraft takes off. Some airlines even allow Check-in one day in advance!)
3. Free shuttle services connecting Hong Kong Station, Kowloon Station and major hotels.
4. Hong Kong Station, Kowloon Station and Tsing Yi Station are well connected to the local MTR stations and bus services.
5. Octopus can be used to pay for the fares on Airport Express.
6. Reminder: Some local travel agents sell Airport Express tickets at 30% discount.
7. Reminder: For a group of 2 to 4 passengers, discount tickets can be purchased at Airport Express service counters.
You have to be an Airport Express passenger to enjoy the first three services above.
Reminder: The information above is for reference only. Please contact MTR or airlines for the most up to date information.
Hong Kong Travel Info: Website: MTR Airport Express

So the moment we landed in Hong Kong, it was photo galore all the way!
Back in the Philippines, I already booked us transfers via internet to avoid stress and hassle in going around the city. HK after all is not like Singapore. It's a little bit bigger and busier. So we booked this pick up bus which brought us to our hotel in the city...
After going through the toll gates, off we passed by HK's city jungle...
Passing by the bridge, we even saw Fashion TV's boat!
It was already around 2pm then so we hurriedly checked-in at Hotel Ibis, went down and started exploring the vicinity...
Look at the background --- no traffic!!!
After several minutes of window shopping, we went inside one of the numerous food places nearby (they look like sosy carenderias, actually) and had our first taste of real Hong Kong noodles!
To be continued...

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