Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hong Kong: Ocean Park and Victoria Peak

As I mentioned in my first Hong Kong post, we arrived in Hong Kong at around 2pm. We got so excited that we took time to explore a bit of the vicinity and eat at this crowded little food place near our hotel that we didn't notice the time. We changed clothes and immediately headed to their famous Ocean Park. Too bad it was already 4pm by then and the park closes at 6pm. And at that time, the cable car that will bring us from lowland to highland is already closed. Tsk, tsk. It simply wasn't meant to be. I'd gladly do it another day but since our itinerary was already booked with other sites to visit and other things to do, we decided that we'll just do it again another time. Perhaps, later this year? *Think postive!*

Hong Kong Ocean Park is located on the south end of Hong Kong Island. The larger of two sections is on the headlands of Mount Nanlang. The smaller section is in the Huang Zhu Keng Valley lowlands. With an area of 170 miles, it's one of the largest ocean parks in the world. The two entrances to Ocean Park (Tai Shue Wan Entrance and Main Entrance) are connected by cable-car.
So we hailed another cab and went to the The Peak Galleria instead. I think this is also what they call The Victoria Peak if I'm not mistaken. You see, we didn't get any tour guide for this particular trip. I just researched on my own, with the little time I had and got it going from there. Cab drivers there speak bad English and we're lucky to have been brought to the places we intended to visit. If there were mistakes, I'd just chuck it to experience. As long as I'm with Peter and we're both enjoying our vacation, then nothing else matters. The Peak Galleria located in 118 Peak Road Victoria Peak Hong Kong, is a shopping and dining center with a beautiful viewing deck on top. I knew that there was another place to enjoy the sites of the city from the top, but the cab driver knew of only this type of "peak" so we just made the most out of it.
Of course, we shopped a bit. Then headed to the viewing deck...
Located opposite the Peak Tower, this complex provides two floors of shops, including fashion retail outlets, Chinese arts and crafts, toyshops, jewellery and home design. The shops here are geared towards the numerous tourists that visit Victoria Peak, and so shopping for souvenirs and gifts is easy. Refreshment outlets range from sandwich and coffee shops to an ice-cream parlour and the ubiquitous McDonalds. There are also a number of restaurants serving Japanese, American and international cuisine. The top-floor viewing terrace provides a great lookout over the south western slopes of Victoria Peak.
The view was simply awesome! Good thing I had a little vest on because it was really cold and windy when we got there on top!
The weather was quite cloudy but we didn't mind. As long as there's no rain, we're good.

And look what Peter found... a mountain shaped like a breast! Of all things he could spot...!
Lucky Peter... he didn't have a lot of hair...
Wow!!! I can't believe we're actually in Hong Kong! C'est la vie! (Yeah, mababaw lang kaligayahan ko. Makalabas lang ako ng bansa paminsan-minsan, ok na ko. :-) )
We simply enjoyed the time we have left on our first day.
Having had enough of the wind and the breathtaking views, we headed back downtown. Hong Kong is already beautiful at day time. But at night, it becomes more alive! It was like a scene right out of a fashion magazine! And all of a sudden, I felt so out of place with my very ordinary look. I actually felt soooo insecure which is so unlikely of me! Then I thought about Wits and how I hated him at that moment (peace, bro! I was emotional...and vain...forgive me).
You see, Wits was the one who suggested that I bring my most comfy clothes and shoes because in Hong Kong, most people go from place to place by walking. So that's what I did! Little did I know that people there, especially the yuppies, go from place to place by walking, yes... but, IN STYLE!!! To think that I am the queen of fashion (in my own world, at least...) here in Manila! But at that time, I felt like trash.
Though I was smiling in this picture, there was never a time I felt most uncomfortable as I did then. And Peter was starting to get worried that this will be in the way of us having fun in Hong Kong. So, even when I had no budget for it, duty called and I ended up... shopping!!! For two pairs of boots and some furry jackets, at least.
Now, I feel sooo much better... I really am a shopaholic sometimes.
So, Having spent more than enough money and more than enough energy, we went back to Hotel Ibis. But before that, we saw this cute mini cooper right outside. We suddenly miss Zach (our dear Yaris). But no time to feel sad. A new day awaits tomorrow...
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To be continued...

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