Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Singapore: Little India

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When we got off at Little India, we dropped by the SRI VEERAMAKALIAMMAN Temple first located at 141 Serangoon Road. We would've loved to go inside. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, they were already closing the doors of the temple. Tsk, tsk.

Outside the temple, there were flowers, magazines and wooden products being sold. Reminds me of Binondo. ^_^

Little India has always been known for cheap finds in Singapore. I promised myself not to shop anymore since I already got tons of stuff back home which I never get to use. So better save my money for something else of more value. We did some window shopping instead.

Then Kate brought us to KAARAIKUDI, a Muslim restaurant. They offer tons of Indian and Muslim food. I salivated over the chili crabs! I want!!! It's one of those things I missed in 2006 when Peter and I first visited Singapore.

Since we were still full from our lunch a little while ago, we just ordered milk tea, better known as pulled tea (only to find out that it was just black tea with condensed milk). It cost about S$1.50 I think.

Too bad I didn't finish my drink. It tasted good and I think I can make some at home. I think with a little honey, I can make it taste a little better. ^_^

*** Notice the name of the street at the bottom right photo. It says BABOO LANE. Hihihi! My Baboo has a lane named after him. Hihihi! ***

Then off we walked to Mustafa Shopping Center. Kate said this mall is open 24 hours! They sell almost all kinds of things from food to clothing to gadgets and beauty stuff. Since we're on a budget, we just headed to their junk food section and bought chips not available in the Philippines (Unagi Seaweed and Wasabi flavored Potato Chips and a variety of Poppa tillas and Poppa dums) and some Swiss chocolates too (Lindt). When I go back here, I'm gonna go look for perfumes. Mark Juan says they have imported perfumes here selling at more affordable prices. Yipee!

To be continued...

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Irene said...

Nice! This is a helpful post, thanks! My brother, cousins and I will be in Singapore next month so I'm doing research hehe



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