Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tiong Bahru Food Trip

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Singapore Nuffnang Event


After we secured our stuff at Link Hotel, five of us decided to start exploring the city with the hours we have left before the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards Night. The five of us included Kate, Crissy, Jonel and Jane. Near our hotel in Tiong Bahru is this mall called Tiong Bahru Market along Eng Hoon street. Before getting there, we saw locals happily eating along the sidestreet where delicious hawkers' food are also located.

We crossed the street and figured our way around the market. We took the stairs going up and discovered a huge food court with numerous stalls selling Asian cuisines. Everything was smelling so good! The place looked simple but very, very clean. We also noticed that each stall would have an alphabet displayed in front. A means it is in perfect accordance with their cleanliness regulation. There's B and there's also C. We of course decided to get our food from one of those stalls displaying A in front. ^_^

While waiting for my food to be prepared, I went ahead and ordered some exotic sugarcane drink. I say exotic coz though we have sugarcane in the Philippines, I haven't tasted yet what a sugarcane juice is like.So that's what I ordered --- Lemon flavored sugarcane juice. I saw how it's done and it was so fantastic! They have this machine where they put the sugarcane in between the rotating cylinders thereby crushing the cane and squeezing the juice out of it and after a couple of rotations...voila! There's my sugarcane juice!

They put ice and sliced calamansi in it and it's good to go. For S$1.40, I got a small cup (which wasn't really small... my cup was huge that I didn't even finish it all).

I ordered A LOT. I was so famished! I had Oyster Sauce vegetable for S$2 and roasted chicken for S$2. They came with rice and soup.

After lunch, it was time for some photo ops. All of the people were eating in the food court area. Nobody was using the tables and chairs with the umbrellas which were just across the food court so we took our chance. Perhaps, because it was so freaking hot in Singapore when we went there, nobody would really want to get toasted under the noon sun.

Being tourists and all, we posed with no shame. Photo was taken by Jonel.

Next stop would be Little India. We rode a cab (which was quite pricey) and spent around S$10. So make sure that when you travel to Singapore, you do so with a group so you can always divide expenses among each other. ^_^ One thing we noticed about their cab is that it has this device where passengers can use their credit card by having it swiped there. The device can also tell directions and stuff. How cool is that?!

To be continued...

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