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Trip to IKEA Home Furnishing

This is the last part of my  Singapore travelogue last Oct. 23-25, 2009. For prior details on this trip, please click the links below:

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    Bonding with the Boys @ Clarke Quay
Visiting Makansutra, Esplanade and Merlion
Trip to Ikea Home Furnishing
Kate suggested that we go to IKEA Home Furnishing together with Jane to check out some stuff. I always hear this store being mentioned by friends and acquaintances and their reviews were always good. I figured, I love furniture and house stuff. I may not be able to buy them but it always makes me feel good to see beautiful things for the house. They inspire me to make my home more cozy and comfortable too. ^_^ 
Since it was our last day in Singapore and we have nothing better to do, I went with the girls. I woke up late (again!) coz I was just so tired from all the back-to-back tours. Anyway, it was good that I saw them by the bus station near the Link Hotel. It was just a short ride going to the MRT station and there was no traffic at all.
Their MRT station was clean and big. It definitely felt foreign to me. They also have these MRT card vendo machines where you can insert money, press the button of your desired location then it will eject an MRT card for you and change (if any).
Obviously, it was my first time to ride their MRT. There were a lot of people but not as packed as our own MRTs and LRTs here. The speed was a lot faster than what I am used to and the capsules were a lot bigger than ours.

 We went down near the Tampines Mall where Kate said the bus that will take us to IKEA Home Furnishing store is located. This bus follows a schedule and it’s for free. Since this seems to be the only ride available going there, we looked for its station and waited for the bus. 
 We almost seemed lost. Thanks to Kate, she was able to find the right location. Then off we went to IKEA! 
 Unlike any other warehouse I have been to, IKEA is a lot bigger and offers a lot more stuff! My heart was beating so fast thinking that if I couldn’t control myself, I might just go on a buying spree c/o my Platinum Visa! ^_^
  Trying to control myself, I bought a hotdog sandwich. It’s harder to control my buying impulses when I’m hungry, you know. ^_^
 Kate introduced us to her friend who lives and works in Singapore.

 (L-R: Kate’s gf, Kate,me, Jane)
 I tried to control myself really hard. But when I saw these sheepskin throw, OMG, all my restraints went down the drain. They’re so cute!!! So perfect for my lazy boy at home! I also got some IKEA lamps which I think would be perfect for all occasions especially Christmas. ^_^ 
  All that restraint and excitement made me hungry (again!). Off we went to their food court. I ordered chicken with rice and some Swiss balls with potatoes which according to Kate is one of their best dishes there. Unfortunately, the Swiss balls tasted bland to me and I didn’t like them that much. Oh well. The thing that amazed me was othis tray trolley. If you have one of these, it’s so much easier to go on a food shopping spree inside a food court! LOL. Do we have this here in the Philippines? We should! ^_^

 At 2pm, it was time to go back home. Huhuhuhu…
We checked-in quite early at the airport. I looked around and spent the last few S$ cash I have left. I saw these cute drawing section near Duty Free. It’s probably designed for kids to keep them from causing tantrums and getting impatient while waiting for their flight. Cute!  

 Then it was really time to go. Bye-bye Singapore! Until my next visit.

The moment I got home, first thing I did was set up my loot. I  tested the lamps and I placed my sheepskin throw on my lazy boy where I was working before(Right now, I transfered to my study room to give our bedroom a more sensual appeal. I placed the sheepskin throw on our sofa instead.);-)  
 I also bought some chocolates and chips. 
  I hope you enjoyed all my posts for my Singapore escapade. Now, I can start blogging about my Cagbalete and Malapascua trips. ^_^

           For more photos, please click here:

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