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Windsurfing at Lake Caliraya Surf Kamp

The following is a post I drafted while we were staying in Casa San Pablo last Feb. 14, 2010. Can I just say that so far, this has been the best Valentine weekend celebration of my entire life?! ^_^

For those who want to read this Valentine travelogue from the beginning, please clickthe link below:

Valentine 2010


While figuring out where next to go, we saw this cottage-like dining place. We remembered this was the same food stop we've been to some 4 years ago, when we first did our Laguna road trip with Ate Rose. The place was already much bigger but it has the same scenic view of the lake at the back. I wondered if the food is still the same --- scrumptious, affordable and comes in large servings. It is!

Minutes before seeing this place, I actually consulted my Tarot cards concerning what to do about my windsurfing dilemma. I picked the SIX OF SWORDS and the interpretation was just hair-raising literal! Please see my Wiccan blog for the details.

I was thankful for the reading but my tummy was rumbling and I figured, maybe I can make my final decision after satiating my hunger. So that's where we had lunch that day and oh my god, the food was sooooo good! We actually ordered 3 large dishes good for four! Pancit Bihon, Grilled Tilapia and a pot of Pork Sinigang. We weren't content with getting just those, we also had 2 cups of rice and 1.5 liters of coke. All for P640.00. Not bad at all! Had we ordered at Lagos del Sol, that same amount of money would've gotten us only 1 dish and 2 rice with no drinks. Finally, we were once again aligned with the universe and things were starting to fall into place. I suddenly remembered that I have't slept yet, I haven't really been meditating as much since I accepted my new job (with three jobs now, I work 20 hours a day, sleep when I can and squeeze all my other personal projects in between). I guess, in retrospect, it was no wonder that I wasn't quite my old self early that morning.

Windsurfing at Caliraya Surf Kamp

At 2 pm, feeling bloated and satiated, I finally decided to go windsurfing. I immediately called our contact, secured the reservation for an afternoon of action and the rest, as they say, is history. If you want to try out this sport, you may call/text Virge at 0920-962-2245 or his assistant Nonie at 0918-343-5666.

Nonie had to tie a long rope on my board to make sure I don't go too far from the shore...

Balancoing was hard at first. My knees were wobbling and the sail was really heavy for me.

Like what always happens when people accomplish things they thought they never could, they feel a kind of elation that is hard to explain. But let me try to explain it anyway. It's like being reborn... my soul seems so much wiser now, and I'm just filled with a quiet kind of knowing that life, no matter how challenging it can be, is mostly happy and fulfilling. This is what I actually felt after spending almost 4 hours in the water, alternately with my hubby, braving the wind, maneuvering and balancing the heavy sail and occasionally being thrown off the board and swallowing some of the lake water... Eewww... Oh well. That's life.

Windsurfing was so much fun and relaxing at the same time. I feel that I can actually do this on a more regular basis. It does not have the heart pounding, life-threatening thrill of surfing, and it does not bring out my claustropobic tendencies when scuba diving. Windsurfing could actually be my next favorite water sports activity and I didn't even have to go that far from home to do it. Priced at Php2000/person/whole day session inclusive of windsurf equipment, guide and life vest, my husband and I can actually afford to do this more often. Discovering this sport is such a blessing that my only regret was that I didn't choose to do it much sooner. Nevertheless, I've forgiven myself in that matter, and all I want now is to move forward and do more of the things that I said I will accomplish this year.

So thank you God, thank you universe,for always giving me the life that I always wanted. Like what Hugh Hefner told a reporter when asked what else is there that he wants in life, he said with a smile on his face and a twinkle on his eyes “ More of the same”.

To be continued...

For more photos on this trip, please click the following link:

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