Monday, May 17, 2010

My Caramoan Jellyfish Experience's nothing like this photo on top! I'd probably die first before I ever get close to one as huge as this (see my video below)! @_@

I've always been scared of jellyfish. But last month, my hubby, Peter, was able to coax me into holding one just so I can get over my fear. Please take note that this is the harmless type. But still, my heart skipped a beat as I felt its soft, slimy body pulsating on my hand.
Thanks to Sheilla, she was able to take a video of this once in a lifetime experience.^_^



Koryn said...

i love this video! haha. scream like there's no tomorrow :p

so no more for you? or you'll still be maintaining it?

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hey Koryn!

My blog will just be there just in case there'll be opportunities for paid posts. ^_^

It went up to PR4 the day after I left.How ironic. ^_^


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