Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Missing Dino and Brownman Revival

Peter and I attended Cherry's wedding at Shangri-la last Saturday. Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule with work and with my online clothes business, I forgot my SD card in my pc at home and therefore, our Nikon D40 had no use for us that night. I was devastated! We even had a little fight about it in the car. My logic? Of all nights that I was set to watch Brownman Revival after 100000 years of not seeing them, this would be the night that I would have no photos with them. Arrghh! Can I just die?

Kidding aside, it was such a blessing when our friend Ninette brought her camera with her. Yahoooooo!!!! It was manna from heaven! You see, when "important moments" in my life are not documented, it's as if they never happened at all. Twisted, yeah. But that's just me.

Nah, actually, it was okay. I was even telling myself "At least I'm no longer crushing over Dino". BUT, the moment I saw him from outside the TEN02 bar in Timog, my heart started beating so fast, my knees became so weak and I couldn't get out of the car coz I was hyperventilating! I was transported back to 2o06 once again! I need alcohol, fast!!!

So without further a do, let me just show you how much I missed Dino and Brownman Revival. And yes, after all these years, when I saw him sing on stage, he still has the same effect on me. Take note, I'm not usually like this under normal circumstances, like when Dino visited us at home last October. I am usually very well behaved. But desperate times call for desperate measure. Add alcohol to the equation and this is the Jen Adams you get...



Anonymous said...

love the way you are almost spilling out of your top :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I hope Dino liked it too. hahahahahah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why not post more pics of you almost spillin it out.. you're damn hot, please share it to the world.. not everyone has it. :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Anonymous, why not tell me first who you are.. C'mon, be brave little one. :-)


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