Monday, July 26, 2010

Music, Movies, Friends and Alcohol Make the World Go Round

I had my weekend all planned out. I was supposed to work for at least 32 hours to compensate for those days I was offline due to my intermittent internet connection all throughout the week. But then my body was crying for rest and I wanted to spend some quality time with my husband too. So come Friday evening, we attended the 2nd Banana Gangbang Rock Festival held at Mooters Bar beside Ortigas Home Depot.

Six things made me so happy that evening:

One - Cecille and Dino (vocalist of Brownman Revival) were able to make it. If it weren't for them, I'd still probably enjoy the music that night (I loved Giniling Festival, Mike Test 123, Lose Your Beer Belly and Marco Palinar's solo guitar act), but it wouldn't be 100x more awesome! It's really great when I can spend fun times with good friends (and my crush of all time! LOL!). So guys, thanks for taking the time out from your busy schedule and being with me that night. It was great catching up and having tons of laughter with you guys! Labyah mare't pare!

L-R: Me,Ces, Dino
Yes, I was in such a hurry that evening, I grabbed a white bra to wear instead of a black one.

At the background L-R: Mel,Bim and Mikey; In front L-R: Ces, Dino, Me and Peter

Good times with good friends: Ces, Dino,me

Two - Peter's cousin, Gab (guitarist of Parokya ni Edgar), was able to make it! Karen was with him and it was just so good to see them again and catch up.

I love my cuz-in-law!!! He's one of the few people who understands me, I think. ^_^

With Karen, Gab's lovely gf.

- The overflowing margaritas, kamikazes, and other cocktails for only Php250.00. Laaahhhveeeettt!!! How I wish all bars have this sort of open bar for the ladies. Teehee. ^_^

Four - Spending a little time with some of the TMB people (Mikey, Bim & Mel, Coco, Tahnee, Anne). It would also have been a lot more awesome if all my crushes were there. Bim and Brian were present but Luis was nowhere to be found. Oh well!

At the background: Vonne (Mooter's owner) and Dino; Front L-R: Tahnee, Ces, me

Tahnee and I

Brian and I... When will you teach me how to play drums? ;)

- Meeting photographer Pat Te Seng who I have been staring at the entire evening because he looked so familiar. I thought he was my batchmate in Ateneo. Turns out, he's Dino's friend and Brownman Revival's first keyboardist. I knew he was from school, just a batch higher. ^_^

Pat Te Seng and I

Six - For having the coolest hubby in the whole wide world who can accept me for who and what I am with all my quirks and eccentricities. Love you, baboo!

Peter having a photo and autograph with Sugar Hiccup's electric violinist and vocalist Jeanette Reyna-Jorge

To see more photos, please click the following link:

Saturday came. Peter and I mostly shared house chores. I had some work to do in the evening while Peter went to Linden Suites to celebrate Marco's birthday.

Then on Sunday, I woke up thinking I was dead. I dreamt about being in a car, being shot at, and seeing all those bullets in slow motion hurtling towards me. I was dodging several of them until I was finally hit and then everything was like a blur. I slowly felt life being drained out of me and then there was just nothing. I was dead. Next scene, I found myself underwater trying to breathe from a tank so I can have enough air to last me until I surface. It was pretty weird. I actually forgot all about it until Peter and I decided to watch Inception after doing some groceries and running some errands. There were two scenes that looked exactly the same as my dream. To think this was the first time I've watched this movie. So bizaare!

The movie Inception didn't blow my mind but it did creep me out. You know why? Because as early as 2002, when Peter and I got married, Peter has already been telling me about this Matrix/Vanilla Sky-like concept. Like, he kept teasing me before telling me what if, after all these years, I suddenly wake up and realize I am 18 years old again and I was still with my ex boyfriend and everything I have right now is just actually a dream. Then I wake up again and realize that all that was just another dream, within a dream, within another dream.

What blew my mind was the fact that my husband really has this amazing brain that can come up with all sorts of ideas and it saddens me sometimes seeing his ideas turn into fruition by someone else (like the way he was telling me about Star Struck even before Star Struck became a reality, or like how some social networks work these days, even before social networking came into the picture, etc. etc.)

Anyway, going back to Inception, it was okay I guess.
It's just that the concept wasn't new to me. Oh, except for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's floating action scene. That blew me away! Wow! How did they do that????!!!

Afterwards, we went home and watched Grown Ups starring Adam Sandler which was effing hilarious and Vampire's Assistant starring John C. Reilley, Ken Watanabe, Chris Massoglia and Josh Hutcherson, which was nothing fantastic but it was fun.

Oh, the past few weeks, I was also able to watch the following movies whenever I had some free time: Kick Ass (shucks, it took me a while before I realized that it was my crush, Aaron Johnson, who was playing Kick Ass... *melt*), Leap Year, Cop Out, Boogie Woogie, Youth Revolt, Chloe, The Backup Plan, and Here Comes the Bride which was soooo hilarious and awesome that I want to watch it again. All the leading actors in this Pinoy movie were great. Eugene Domingo, Jaime Fabregas, Sweet Lapus, Angelica Panganiban and Tuesday Vargas should win an award for playing all the roles they did. I rarely watch Pinoy movies because they bore me to death but this one's bravo! Pak! ^_^

Today, I'm multitasking while listening to Brownman Revival's new album ETO PA. I finally bought my own copy and it's now on loop in my pc. Can't wait to see them play again this coming Thursday at 70's Bistro. Here are some of my favorite photos from their gig last week:

Even now that Dino and I are friends, I still can't get over my fan mode when he's singing on stage... especially when I'm inebriated with alcohol. Teehee. ^_^

With Koryn's new groupie hires. LOL!

For more photos of myself with Brownman Revival and my co-groupies, please click the following link:

Brownman Revival Series 2010
Brownman Revival Series 2007
Brownman Revival Series 2006

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