Thursday, September 09, 2010

Brownman Revival, Alcohol, Friends and UNO Open Bar

Sept. 2, 2010, exactly a week from today, right after attending the CashCashPinoy launch, Peter and I headed to 70's Bistro to watch Brownman Revival play. Unfortunately, that particularly week has been very hectic and rainy that some of our friends got sick. It's a good thing then that we just replenished our stocks of Vita Plus so I was able to bring a box to one of our dearest friends, Koryn, who works at ABS-CBN and lives a stressful career life.

So that night, it was just Peter and I who went and watched Brownman Revival. We came in late and there were a few tables and chairs left. I wasn't in a very happy and partying mood. I missed my girlfriends! Especially my photographer girlfriends! Who will take my picture with Dino now? LOL.

Kidding aside, I ordered some food, two bottles of Tanduay Ice and two glasses pf Tom Collins. It took a while before I felt tipsy. Perhaps my alcohol tolerance is increasing or it's just different that time.

Anyhoo, the band started playing late which was a good thing coz it means we didn't miss much. However, since the band came from another gig at Miriam College and was scheduled for another gig at Cebu, they played only one long set. Huhu. This meant less time to spend chatting with Dino and the boys.

Brownman Revival is scheduled to play again on Sept. 16 at 70's Bistro. Check their schedule HERE. Koryn and our other gfs might be able to join us by then! Yay! Plus, UNO Magazine has an open bar party starting at 9:00 PM. Sign up here if you want to come! I'm thinking of dropping by UNO first to get a bit wasted so by the time I get to Bistro, I'll be in a happy and partying mood LOL! ^_^

For more photos, please click this link: Brownman Revival Gig September 2010

For now, I gotta work and earn a living so I can party later. Ciao! ^_^

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Koryn said...

haha natawa naman ako dun sa phrase na "our friend koryn who works at ABS-CBN and lives a stressful life" hahaha.


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