Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carelle Mangaliag's Awesome Birthday Bash

It's almost been a year since we first met this feisty, talented, beautiful and amazing Neurolingusitic expert, Carelle Mangaliag, and her equally talented, gorgeous and adorable beau, RR Herrera, at Les Caraibes Resort in Batangas... same time I also first met Aiza Seguerra in person.

Me and Aiza Seguerra last Oct. 17, 2009. Obviously, I was drunk in this photo.

And on those rare occasions that Peter and I would be with them, it would always be a joyous union of warm-hearted and carefree souls. They're just two of the most wonderful people we know, so full of love, affection, generosity and kindness not just for each other but for all the other people, loved ones, families and friends who surround them and are with them in their daily lives.

Last September 11, 2010, Carelle celebrated her birthday at Maruve Bar in Ortigas Home Depot. Peter and I almost didn't make it coz I was buried with tons of work that I couldn't leave hanging. The party started at 8:30 pm, the same time that I was on the verge of panic because I was still not done with work. But I remember RR saying that the party was going to be until 5:00 AM. This is one of those occasions that I didn't want to miss so even if it meant arriving at 12:00 midnight, it's better than not going at all.

Full house @ Maruve Bar & Restaurant

Carelle has such a beautiful voice... as usual.

Carelle's friends singing more songs...

The happy birthday girl!

I'm glad that Peter and I went. The party was full of talented artists (saw Cacai Velasquez in person for the first time), friends and theater people from Blue Rep. When Peter and I arrived, Aiza Seguerra was just finishing her last song and I managed to have another photo taken with her. But this time, I was still sober.

Me and Aiza Seguerra last Sept. 11, 2010. Here, I still got my wits with me. Hehehe.

GSM sponsored the party which meant open bar for all with tons of cocktails and beer concoctions. I must've have had one too many coz my head was spinning by the time Peter and I got home. Aside from the glasses of margarita, kamikazee, mojito and some chocolate shots, I also drank a glass of calamansi flavored beer. That was a first! Mmm. Yum.

That's me ordering a variety of free cocktails for myself. Notice how happy I looked? Teehee.

My last drink for the evening --- a glass of calamansi-flavored San Miguel Beer.

I also saw Marcelle Fabie, my co-blogger and mentalist, play some magic tricks on stage
for the very first time. He was able to bend a fork with his mind and got to semi-paralyze Rezzie. Psychokinesis... so awesome! I do wonder if that was just an illusion or it's really true! If I was to judge the mini magic show using my own eyes, I'd say it was all happening for real! Or maybe, it was the alcohol. Nevertheless, it was so mind blowing!

That's Marcelle paralyzing Rezzie successfully!

That's Marcelle bending the steel fork using his mind! See how bewildered Rezzie was?

Of course, I had to have my photo taken with the mentalist and his victim. ^_^

To our friend Carelle, happy birthday once again! Stay beautiful and amazing inside-out. And to RR, you are so lucky to have found the one true woman for you. And she and with you. We love you both! Hoping to visit Bangkok with you next year! Cheers!

More love and happiness for the two lovebirds!

For more photos please click here: Carelle's Birthday Bash


Rezza Custodio said...

Thanks for sharing this post, Jen! :) Awesome party. I loved the Green Apple-flavored beer -- and THAT was my last drink for the night. Despite all the free (bottomless) drinks, I did NOT get drunk that night, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you for blogging about this!! You are awesome!!! We love you oand we miss you!!!


carelle mangaliag said...

You are awesome jen! Thank you thank you thank you for the blog!!!!! We love you!!

carelle and rr

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

@Rezzie, wow, I envy your high tolerance for alcohol. Teach me! Teach me! is there a trick? Hehehe.

@Carelle, you are so welcome my dear. We miss you already. <3 <3 <3


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