Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrating John's Birthday and Balancing Blogging, Work and Home Life

I's true that sometimes I just want to sleep all day and do nothing. I don't know if I could ever do that with the zillion of things that are always on my list of to-do's that never seems to get finished.

Since that time that I got invited to tour Mines View Park in Baguio, to the SM Cubao blogging and shopping challenge, and the Focaccia Food tasting event last Friday, I seem to be saying yes a lot more these days to blog events than I used to before. Is it because I am getting better at managing my time? Or is it because I am getting bored just staying here at home, tinkering with my PC all day and all night, working like a dog?

Hmmm. I guess, I just want some balance in my life. I miss going to the beach and being with my friends. But then my friends are mostly too busy with their personal lives and with this crazy weather we have these days, I'd rather spend time at home doing the laundry and cleaning the house on weekends, or going to fun and worthwhile blog events.

And so last Saturday, despite the typhoon warning (thank God the weather turned out okay that evening), I was so glad to go to Antipolo to celebrate our dear friend John's birthday. It's the same house we visited last March when he was still selling it for Php27M. Now, it's down to Php17M!!! Woohoo!!!! If only I have this much extra cash, I will buy his house myself! It's my Antipolo dream home, after all.

I had fun that evening just dining and chatting with our our other college friends who were able to make it --- Rea and Anthere. Monica was also such a gracious hostess who took care of our food and drinks. If only I didn't have to do some work early Sunday dawn, I would've stayed longer.

To John, Happy Birthday! I know how happy and successful you are right now with your career and biz. I wish you more blessings and many happy returns! Cheers!


Koryn said...

"I'd rather spend time at home doing the laundry and cleaning the house on weekends, or going to fun and worthwhile blog events."
-->you don't wanna spend time with us anymore??? haha joke.

but, you're right, sometimes we DO tend to get too caught up with our own lives.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I'll tell you a story someday about how caught up I was one time... pero someday na..when it's all over. ^_^

Koryn said...

so it's not yet over? hehe.

well, being caught up in one's own life is not necessarily a bad thing. as long as you don't neglect the other people around you. which i don't think you (or i) do naman. siguro we tend to spend a little less time with them but i know for a fact that you're there when a friend or your family needs you the most which, i think, is what really matters :)


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