Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Funky Bowling at SM Mall of Asia

Okay, I admit, bowling is the least of all my favorite sports. It bores me to death and I said so to Ginny, the organizer of that funky bowling event last Saturday. Nevertheless, I went to the event just to challenge myself and help change my notion about it. But when I got there, things weren't ready yet and I was having my doubts. You see, one of my psychoses whenever Peter and I would go out (whether it's a gimmick with friends, a night with Brownman Revival, etc.) is this nagging feeling that I wouldn't have fun, that it would be a complete waste of my time, that I should've just stayed at home, do some more productive activities, or be a couch potato and watch Castle reruns, which I am loving a lot these days by the way. But then like I said, I like challenging my psychosis from time to time.

So there we were with me having these nagging feelings again (I should've meditated some more that morning.. it helps calm my nerves and be more positive about life in general. I blame it on my period that day). Anyway, time was ticking and boredom was creeping in my system. This is what happens when people make me wait. It's not their fault though. Like I said, I am a bit psychotic that day. We tried taking some photos but I eventually gave in to these nagging feelings, and I had Princess (our new tenant and new found friend) proxy for me.

I figured, Princess is nineteen, she looks vivacious and willing so why not let her have her fun doing some funky bowling? I may be too old for this kind of activity. Peter, my husband, on the other hand, was so excited to play that evening. I guess boys will always be boys. It's just too bad that someone accidentally hit his knee that evening during the photo ops that he had to go to Asian Hospital the next day. Tsk, tsk.

Fast forward to the event itself. All bloggers were divided according to teams and I got to team up with Peter, Jeman and Vincent. But since I wasn't playing, I had Princess take my place and I just became the official photographer of the group.

(L-R: Jeman, Vincent, me, Princess and Peter)

Then the SM organizers explained how this funky bowling thing will happen. From the moment I saw the SM bowlers do their funky bowling stunts, I knew I made the wrong decision of not playing. Sigh.

But that's that and I wanted my new girlfriend to not feel out of place and have her fun. So aside from being the official photographer of our team, I also became their cheerleader. I excitedly shrieked and cheered every time one of our team players would hit several pins. I encouraged and motivated everyone and Princess and I would even occasionally dance on the floor to show how excited we were about the score our team was getting. Woohooo! It was indeed fun! I didn't even play but I felt the electricity and thrill of the competition.

And what do you know, our team won the Funky Team Award even if we were just the second highest scoring team! It must be our level of excitement that made us win. Even Jeman was so lucky that night! I think he got the Most Funky Player award and won in the raffle draw too! Such a lucky, lucky man. One sentence kept ringing in my ear. I should've played! I should've played! I should've played! What was I thinking?! Me and my stupid psychosis! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Hehehe. In spite of it all, I was happy for my team.

So anyway, aside from taking photos, I busied myself munching on the delicious food that SM served us that night. I also got to thinking that maybe Peter and I can do this once again together with our friends. There's an upcoming Halloween Funky Bowling event on Oct.30 to November 2. perhaps, if we're not too busy, we can go back and do it again and this time, I will definitely play. So that's my story. And you, how was your weekend?

To see more photos, please click Funky Bowling at SM MOA.

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