Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City - Starting Day 2 Right

We just survived our first day at Ho Chi Minh. On our second day, Jem and I woke up early because we had a jam packed day ahead of us.

Jem started it with her usual morning meditation while I stayed at the balcony to have my instant breakfast of noodles and pastries.

Right on that spot, I noticed how narrow the street was below me, and how much it reminded me of Manila, at least those parts near slum areas where houses are small, cluttered and packed with lots of people.

However, looking at my surroundings that early morning, I also noticed the difference. From first glance, the view may seem blah, but looking at the houses more closely, they were actually narrow, tall buildings with a hint of modern style. That made me smile.

A few blocks away from where we were staying at Pham Ngu Lao District, we passed by ABC Bakery. The bread smelled so good even from the outside that we decided to take a peek and eventually decided to have some proper breakfast.

Inside, the bakery didn't look like a bakery at all... at least not the kind of bakery I know from where I grew up in San Mateo Rizal. ABC Bakery is actually a cafe that has nice colorful walls, modern furniture, an air conditioned section with wi-fi, and a veranda or balcony overlooking the street of Saigon where their customers can smoke if they want to.
Jem enjoyed an orange juice and a sugary danish bread while I just watched her eat. I guess the noodles and pastries I had earlier were enough to fill up my tummy that morning.
Finally, it's time to board the bus. The previous night, Jem booked us into a tour that will bring us to all the nice tourist spots in Ho Chi Minh and its nearby regions.
But before we headed there, and while waiting for the other foreign tourists that will join our group that morning, Jem took the time to hand me a gift she handpicked for me... this nice Rose Quartz ring from Forever 21... It's soooo pretty and I love more her for it! ^_^

Finally, we headed to our destination for that day --- the Mekong Delta --- where we had the Mekong River Cruise. I'll tell you all about our Mekong River Cruise on my next post. ^_^

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