Monday, December 27, 2010

Malapascua Highlight: Exotic Dive Resort

I gave you a bit of a background before about this whole 1 week Malapascua-Moalboal trip. This is the continuation. But if you'd like to see everything that I've written so far about this trip, head to Malapascua 2010.

front view of Exotic Dive Resort

As I mentioned before, our team was accommodated by the most high end resort in Malapascua Island, which locals call "Exotic", short for Exotic Dive Resort. The last time I was in Malapascua (November 2009), Peter and I checked in at one of the more affordable resorts (Hippocampus). Even then, we already noticed how nice Exotic Dive Resort was, we were just not willing to stay there since it was out of our budget and we had no plans of diving anyway, plus, we were out most of the time exploring the nearby islands. So I was really happy that I got to try staying at Exotic Dive Resort this time around.

Exotic offers air conditioned concrete apartment cottages with balcony.

The staff at Exotic Dive Resort was really very pleasant and approachable. I later found out that the management had their staff trained in customer service before no wonder they really knew how to talk to their customers.

Exotic is first and foremost, a dive resort. They offer beginners classes for people like me, as well as open water dives for certified ones.

Exotic is located on the southern side of Malapascua island. It is a 10-minute walk from the public area and beautifully secluded from locals and other tourists. The resort has a natural garden frontage, a perfect facade for those like me who would like to set up a virtual office in their restaurant with free wi-fi access.

Their restaurant does not only offer scrumptious food, but free wi-fi as well.

This was where i set up my virtual office.

On those times that I snorkeled, the depth slowly increased to 12 meters and I saw a beautiful coral formation with lots of small and colorful fishes, starfishes and sea grass. Though I didn't go diving like my friends, at least I had a nice view of the underwater too and it was good enough for me.
As RR, Carelle and Ian went diving, I donned one of my bikinis, explored the island and later went snorkeling.

Weather was quite fickle...
One hour it would rain, the next it would be so sunny. Climate!

Exotic is a family run resort. The rooms are always kept clean and orderly every day. They have TV with cable, air conditioning and a big enough bathroom with hot and cold shower. I shared my room with Ian the whole time we were there. It was a first for me and it felt kind of exciting. Teehee. Don't worry, we both behaved and he's one of the most gentle men I know. ;-)

So, who's more organized? Guys or girls? I'm guessing, none of the above? LOL!

For those of you who haven't been to Malapascua, do check out Exotic Dive Resort. Customer service is great, food and drinks are superb and the ambiance is perfect.

To see all the food we had there, go to: Exotic Dive Resort Food Offering

We also discovered this fantastic Italian restaurant, Angelina.

To see more photos, please click:


Jhunz from Eyewebmaster said...

Good blog post for Malapascua...

Great pictures too.. just to ask some permission if I can re post your picture to our blog? Hoping for your kind consideration. Thanks

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Jhunz,

Sure, if you can please link the photo to my log post or give credit to my blog that would be great. Let me know when you post it so I can also share your link to my social network. :-)

Tsinelas said...

Planning my 2nd Malapascua trip. Wish I had read this before my 1st. Great write-up!


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