Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Club Serena @ Moalboal

enjoying the view of the sea...

If at Malapascua, I never woke up on time causing my roommate, Ian, to suffer the loud noise coming from my alarm clock, here in Club Serena, I made sure I was awake at the break of dawn. I wanted to see for myself every nook and cranny there is at Club Serena before we finally head back to Manila the next day.

Club Serena has 8 rooms – Beach Front Suite, Raja Room, Treehouse 1 and 2 (where Ian and I stayed) , Cottages 1 and 2, and Casita 1 and Casita 2 each with its own character. The Honeymooner’s Suite has its own sala and dining area; while Treehouses 1 and 2, bearing aqualife motif, boast of their own azotea or balcony overlooking Tañon Strait. Cottages 1 and 2 are fusion of Oriental and Western inspirations; while the Raja Room speak of indigenous Oriental motif.

This is me enjoying the balcony of our treehouse.

The place is very private, away from the city’s maddening crowd; appropriate for family bonding as well as corporate team building if you exclusively booked the whole place. Or for one used to solitude, one can spend time by one’s self while enjoying the ringing of the wind chimes in Treehouse 1 or 2.

enjoying my swing...

It can accommodate up to 30 guests. Club Serena also has swimming pools. The resort offers Spa Services, Scuba Diving Certification, Kawasan Waterfalls Picnic, Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping, Canyoning and is also ideal for Wedding Venues.

The resort’s Clubhouse, owned by Ms. Melinda Garcia, boasts of a gastronomic array of Asian cuisine.

For activities such as Scuba Diving certification, Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping, Free Diving, Canyoning, Kawasan Waterfall Picnics, and Moto-trailing, visit www.aquaholics.com.ph.

Let me show you some of its beautiful areas...

I first went to a more secluded part of the resort where the suites are located. These suites are renting for about Php6000 a night. That's already cheap considering that it has modern facilities, luxe bathroom and shower area, two queen-sized beds, and a lot more:

Club Serena's New Suites

Mermaid's Cavern
Php 5,600.00 per night

Merman's Cavern
Php 5,600.00 per night

Governor's Suite
Php 6,000.00 per night

Chairman's Suite
Php 6,000.00 per night

Good for 2 adults only.
All our new Suite beds are Specially made for Foreign Size.
All Suites are equipped with Foreign sized Beds.
All Four New Suites have Outdoor Rain Showers and Bathtubs under the Blue Skies and Stars.
Indoor toilet with separate Bidets.
Dressers with Hair dryers, Minibars with huge Flats screen TV Home Theatres with Cable Satellites
Each Suite is equipped with Safety Deposit Box.

To see the rates of the other rooms, please click here.

The rest of the time that I wasn't snorkeling or swimming, I just enjoyed its little cottages and cabanas.

Club Serena is indeed a place I would like to visit again. True to its name, it's one of those beach resorts where I can totally be serene and at peace with myself. ^_^

To see where and how this adventure started, please go to this link: Malapascua 2010

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