Friday, February 04, 2011

Mekong Delta Tour - Beehive, Pollen Drink and Snake

This is still a continuation of my second day at Vietnam. Previously, I shared with you the interesting cruise I did with my friend Jem at Mekong River. But prior to that, there were some exciting stuff we did that morning. I'll just summarize them for you:


Many of the merchandise we saw in the stalls looked like what we usually see in our own tiangge here in the Philippines except for the Vietnamese hats and the traditional Vietnamese Aodai, the beautiful dress of Vietnamese women.


Never in my entire life had I touched a bee, more so a beehive for that matter. It was quite scary! But since everyone was doing it, I put on a brave suit and smiled for the camera... for at least a few seconds, before I ran out of there. LOL! Below is a video Jem took of the beehive and its caretaker and how she was blowing some of the bees away so tourists can taste the honey right from the hive. Yikes!

As for me, I just waited to be served with a bee pollen drink.


The bee pollen tea tasted sweet of course. We squeezed some lemon to add flavor.

Below is a video of our bee pollen drink toast:


Jem looked so comfortable with the snake...

As for me, it's so obvious that I was afraid of the serpent. I just did it for photo ops purposes. Teehee.

Below is Jem's video while caressing the snake.

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