Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boracay 2011 Soul Searching Adventure Day 1

First day in paradise was challenging. To summarize:

- I didn't sleep anymore after my shift which ended at 12noon
- NAIA parking was full
- Our Cebu Pacific flight to Caticlan at 3:40pm was rerouted to Kalibo at 5:50pm which finally took off at 7:00pm
- Boat ride from Caticlan to Cagban jetty port was more choppy than usual
- We arrived at our humble accommodation at Bonueva Guesthouse at around 11:00pm
- I had work at 12:00mn which means I'd be awake with no proper sleep for three days

If I'm a negative person, I'd probably take these musings as bad signs from the universe. But since I've learned and disciplined myself to see the glass half full in any situation, I can only be thankful for the following:

- fee lunch from Jollibee since the delivery boy that came to our house was late
- overflow of freelance jobs which help me make money while also doing this soul searching adventure
- finding a parking space near Manila Domestic Aiport for Php50 a night
- Cebu Pacific for doing its best to be proactive in providing its impatient passengers with free food, free flights, free accommodations and free shuttle from Kalibo to Caticlan
- not missing the boats at Caticlan since they close at 10:00pm and we arrived there at 9:45pm
- safely arriving at our destination
- having a room with air conditioning, clean hot and cold water, bed sheets and towels smelling so good, free wifi, free cable, free hot water for coffee in the morning
- finding a trustworthy guesthouse owner (Ervin Bonueva) who never failed to assist me every single time I'd texted him and disturbed him from whatever it is he's doing
- for having Peter in my life, a very supportive, funny, cuddly, adorable and loving husband who makes my days so much better and fun

Really, I consider myself lucky. I guess we just see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe. The universe is already perfect and we already have everything we need. Most of the time, we are just blinded by the thought and social patterns we have developed as we were growng up, hence we fail to see that blessings are just right in front of us or are already happening in our lives.

After I was done with work at 12nn on my first day here in Boracay, I had this surreal and overwhelming realization which I shared on my facebook... "I told Koryn Iledan it's so surreal... I live in this super cheap room which looks like a rental place in the busy streets of Manila, yet, in just a few meters lies the beautiful facade of Boracay's white beach. It's like magic! So different from the usual touristy/classy Boracay vacations we've done before. It's a humbling & enriching experience. "

It's been only a day, yet I already feel so much gratitude in my heart. In fact, when I checked my email, one of my bosses sent me money TWICE! I called her attention on it and she said she didn't mean to and thanked me for telling her. After a few minutes, she offered me more tasks which means more money.

I have these mantras I say in my head every chance I get: "All great things are happening to me. Money is easy and comes frequently and abundantly. I am always at the right place, at the right time." I've been practicing these thoughts for a few years now and indeed, they are the very things that keep happening in my life. When I do stumble from time to time, I of course also attract negative things. The universe can't distinguish positive from negative. It just gives you more of what you think and feel. Since I've known this to be a fact, then I might as well feel and think positive every single time, right?

I'll share with you more of my musings as I continue living here for the next 24 days. For now, here are some of our snap shots:

For the first time, I went to Boracay as someone feeling like a local and not a tourist. Hence, I decided not to wear my usual Bohemian getup on the way here. I also didn't take pictures. Well, not until we arrived at Kalibo airport where foreigners and tourists were clamoring to take photos of this beautiful Kalibo display. So, since peter was still waiting for our luggage, I said what the heck. I should at least take a photo of it too to remind me of this particularly enriching trip.

The free bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan

Taking some time off at the beach before I logged in for work.

Dinner at Andok's. They probably have the best Sinigang na Baboy I've ever tasted at such an affordable price!

Taking long walks by the beach and just enjoying the view and our time together.

There were several Boracay events scheduled for March 26. However, I was so tired from lack of sleep that I chose to sleep instead so I won't be wasted in the morning.

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