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My Radisson Blu Experience @ Cebu

I was at Radisson Blu in Cebu from Feb. 23-26, 2011. However, I was not there on vacation. I was once again part of Train Station (formerly Motivating Minds) and I was there as their assistant. The first time I assisted this amazing team of trainers was on January 2010, for the Kotex Youniversity. My next experience with them was last December when we went to Malapascua and Moalboal to train the hotel staff. My Radisson Blu experience with them is my third time and we were there to train the key personnel of Toyota from all over the Philippines. But this time, I am doing it with pay. Yipee! When I told you before that I am exploring another career path, well, I was pertaining to this. Who knows, I might end up like one of the greatest trainers I know (Carelle Mangaliag) and if not, I'm still happy to be part of a team that makes an amazing difference in the lives of people they train.

Speaking of the MMC team, I was with the following amazing people:

L-R: Lissa Romero, Martin dela Paz, Dennis Temporal, Ian Monforte, PJ Lanot, Carelle Mangaliag, RR Herrera, Khristlin Caballero, Elaine Francisco-Ledesma, Kris Bacani
PJ Lanot is missing in the group photo above... Now, I know why. ^_^

Let me give you the highlights of my Radisson Blu trip last weekend including videos of the following: when we checked in, by the pool and the concert during our last night (with Nikki Gil, Geneva Cruz, KC Montero and JR)...

Radisson Blu is a huge hotel! It's part of the Carlson group of hotels which is why.

The lounge area, reception and lobby look so grand and posh. I can imagine doing a wedding here, with the bride going down the shiny stairs... sooo gorgeous! Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Teehee.

I was roommates with Khrist, the account manager for the upcoming Baguio run. Ian, my former roommate at Malapscua and Moalboal, is the account manager for this Toyota run and may I say congratulations for a very successful event! ^_^

The following day, we were joined by Elaine, one of the senior partners and trainers of Motivating Minds. Needless to say, with all the preparations we needed to do, our fantastic-looking room became a very busy and cluttered hub of mayhem. Hrhrhr!

This also served as my work station at night til dawn.

Though I was working the whole time (both in preparation for the convention and the breakout sessions plus my VA job), I still managed to enjoy my stay by eating well. Buffet breakfast is free anyway!

On those times that we dined out, we went to SM which is just beside Radisson Blu. We had a very limited budget so we went to the most affordable places. Btw, I noticed that SM Cebu has a very similar layout with SM North Edsa. It's as if I never left Manila! ^_^

lunch at Jonie'sdinner at Chicken Bacolod
Fun at SM
private joke about "Chester"

I also spent some time at the pool, just admiring the view and taking lots of pictures. I was only able to swim on our last day before checking out.

I also set up my work station by the pool... wifi signal was super strong here!

the hot babes of MMC... Khrist and Lissa ^_^

They have a gym and a spa but due to my hectic sched, I wasn't able to try them out anymore. Maybe, next time.

The convention itself and the breakout sessions were physically tiring but oh so much fun! Here's a photo of me below before the convention started. I was still looking fresh...

The program was hosted by our very own RR Herrera and PJ Lanot. They were hilarious! They were able to keep the crowd of 800 people interested, happy, and wanting for more... more games and more prizes!!!

On our last night, Toyota gave everyone one grand concert featuring Nikki Gil, Geneva Cruz, JR, KC Montero and lots more!

Martin Nievera also made an appearance and sang a few songs. I heard that our very own Martin dela Paz even sang a duet with him! Oh wow!!! But by that time, I was already back in my room, doing my VA job. That's okay. Nikki Gil was sooo good though. So full of energy and life! Geneva Cruz was also looking sexy despite her age. I wonder how she does it? I want some of that too. ^_^

I got back home evening of Feb. 26. I was dead tired like never before no wonder I got sick. So that's my Radisson Blu experience in Cebu. Gotta go for now so I can prepare for my Baguio trip tomorrow. Ciao for now! ^_^

For more photos, please click the following links:

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