Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boracay Night with Mellow 947

My friend Noelle de Guzman arrived in Boracay on Friday. Noelle, for those who don't know her, is the host of the health and fitness segment of TV 5's "Alagang Kapatid”, which is a public service program that airs on TV5 every Saturday at 6am and Sunday at 7am. She also blogs at She's here for Havaianas and Women's Health magazine. Anyway, after having dinner and drinks at EPIC, we headed to Summer Place where Mellow 947 was having an event.

Noelle introduced me to her friend Chloe, one of the station's DJs, who in turn introduced us to Chris, her partner DJ, and to the other Mellow 947 people including the owner. Suffice it to say that this night was totally unexpected. I knew Noelle was coming this weekend but I didn't expect to have that much fun! Chris and Chloe were so accommodating and friendly that I felt like I've known them for quite a while.

Cheers to Chris and Chloe for the free drinks (Carlo Rossi, San Mig Light and Emperador Light), laughter and wild stories! Cheers to Mellow 947! Loving your new format. You're still one of the few radio stations I listen to these days. ^_^

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