Monday, April 11, 2011

Go Ride the Boracay Zorb

Zorbing is now available in Boracay! There are so many locals offering this kind of activity on the island. We finally said yes when we approached a guy who gave us good rates (Php400.00 per person) with free van ride to the Zorbing area in Yapak.

Yapak is on the way to the bat cave and for those who won't be offered free van ride, you can rent a tricycle for Php100.00 one way. The ride from white beach to the Zorb Park took about 20 minutes or so and a part of the road going there was pretty bumpy.

Zorb Park has two different zorb rides... If you and your partner are of the same weight, you can try riding the zorb with the harness. They will strap you inside and you will roll head over heels. This is not advisable if you just ate because the ride will certainly make you feel nauseous. The other zorb ride is the hydro. This is what we availed since my hubby is bigger than I am and we can't do the harness thing even if we wanted to.

In hydro zorb, we went in, they poured a pail of water to make the ride smooth and we were asked to lie down the whole time which we did. If we had sat up or did other movements, there was a chance for us to injure ourselves since we were not strapped at all. The lying down position and the water helped us stay in place the whole time.

However, because there was a couple who allowed themselves to be run over, during the bump, Peter and I did a 180 degree turn inside the zorb so instead of facing forward, we were facing backward the rest of the time. It was sooo much fun!

When it was our turn to be run over, we noticed the couple inside the hydro zorb bumped each other in 360 degree turn and exchanged places. That must have hurt! The trick really is to just lie still and don't move. Let the centrifugal force do the rest.

Go ride the Boracay Zorb! For more infortmation, Call Ride the Zorb at 036-288-1912.

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