Friday, April 01, 2011

Scouting for Cheap Boracay Buffet

When Peter was still here in Boracay with me, there was one time when we would walk from Station 3 to Station 1 at around 4:00pm to look for possible places to eat.

We noticed that many of the restaurants at this time prepare their buffet table arrangements, and some restaurants would even have a guy or a girl telling passers-by about their menu and pricing.

Buffet prices at Boracay range from Php250.00 to Php385.00. The closer we got to Station 1, the more expensive the prices of the food got. We still wanted to make sure though. So even if we had to climb this mini cliff due to the high tide, we still did it just to check out if there's anything exciting to eat at Station 1.

Unfortunately, nothing enticed us to stay there so we went back to Boracay Stations 2 & 3 and just took some photos along the way.

I even got to shop at Golden Phoenix, this huge Chinese hotel right at the beach. I bought a Chinese handbag and another hat for my collection. ^_^

After an hour or so of scouting the beaches of Boracay for our buffet meal, we came back to the one that looked appetizing and affordable --- buffet at Bamboo Bar for only Php250.00. Yum. Peter ate all the oysters he can get.

Check out my blog post about it here: Boracay Buffet @ Bamboo Bar

Bon appetit! :-)

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To see the rest of what Bonueva has to offer, click here:

I'm really happy to have found this place. Now i can really live cheap in Boracay! :-)


Anonymous said...

The third photo is utterly sexy!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Thanks dear! :-)

dobemarbia said...

I agree to that so S E X Y! Stay safe in Boracay!


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