Saturday, May 07, 2011

Boracay Island Hopping

One of the things I love to do when I'm at the beach is snorkeling. So it was quite tragic for me when I suddenly had my period during my last few days in Boracay. I was planning to bring Peter to Carabao Island on Easter Sunday so I can at least stay at the shore while I watch Peter swim in its virgin waters from a distance. Unfortunately, the people we were supposed to go with backed out the last minute. They must have been so wasted from the previous night with all the parties that were held. Tsk, tsk. Our tickets got refunded and we had no other choice except to make the most of our time in Boracay. Our next option was to rent a smaller boat and do another island hopping trip. So that's what we did.

I know we've already done this numerous times before whenever we'd visit Boracay, but it was great to explore the nearby islands and coral reefs once again.

Crystal Cove is so much more beautiful now with all its new huts and rooms...

safer way to go to the caves...

and other structural and real estate developments...

They also have a nice small collection of birds.

Unfortunately, entrance fee increased because of all these developments. It's now P200.00 per head to enter this beautiful paradise.

So we made the most of it by exploring all its caves, nooks and crannies...

We then went snorkeling near Crocodile island and near Boracay Terraces where we passed by Manny Pacquiao's beach resort, Boracay West Cove.

At first, I just stayed on the boat and took photos of Peter. But I got so envious as the minutes passed by that I decided "To heck with my period, I'm diving in!".

It was a very sudden decision that I didn't even take off my skirt and top. People said that the blood will stop flowing once in the water so I hoped that it was true and just enjoyed my time feeding the fishes. It was fun! And true enough, the blood did stop to flow. I didn't anymore take off my Whisper sanitary napkin. It stayed intact the whole time and when we got out of the water, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Of course, I just had to take a bath and change the moment we got back to our room but that's beside the point. At least now I know it can be done. And oh, I was on my third day so the flow wasn't so heavy. Here's another video Peter took while we were feeding the fishes. ^_^

Two weeks out of the island and I already miss the beach!!! Looking forward to a couple of beach trips the rest of the month! Enjoy your summer, folks!

My bloger friend Ria asked me why I didn't use tampons. I thought of that too but I couldn't find any in Boracay. Even here in Manila, at Shopwise in particular, where we do our groceries, I couldn't find any tampons. How about you? Let me know where you buy yours. Much appreciated. ^_^

See more photos here:


blissfulguro said...

hi there jenny! i also had a hard time looking for tampons everywhere so i asked my cousin from the England to send me some, that's what i use everytime i swim and it's that time of the month. :) your blog is so fun!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi bliss, thanks! :-) I hope I can find good tampons soon.:-)

blissfulguro said...

if you find one here please tell us coz that would be great! :)

Jinky Laurel said...

Hi, I just saw this post so you may have already found a tampon, er, source? But they sell tampons (light and heavy) in S&R Price Club (there's one in Congressional, Q.C. and one in The Fort) and some of the stalls at the Greenhills Tiangge. I think I also found somee in True Value (yup, the hardware store) in Shangri-la Mall. Hope this helps.

I'm not a very good swimmer, and I've just recently tried snorkeling. I love it! Do you have to be an excellent swimmer to try snorkeling in that spot you mentioned? Going back to Bora soon, and I want to try it there. Thanks!

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Jinky, you're a blessing! Thanks for sharing this info. True Value huh? That's interesting. Now I have a lot of choices, all thanks to you.:)

About snorkeling, it would help if you're a good swimmer especially if the area where you're at is very wavy. Otherwise, you can always wear a life vest just to be sure you won't drown. :)

Jinky Laurel said...

Thanks, Jen! I'm going to practice some more and get the proper gear to prep for snorkeling. I really want to get into it.

Re tampons, I hope blissfulguro reads my reply so she can get some for herself. In S&R, they sell a big box of 88 Playtex tampons (as well as boxes of 8, I think).

Thanks again! I follow your blog now, it's really helpful and kainggit! :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I do hope too that blissfulguro gets to read all the helpful info you shared. Now I can't wait to buy! Haha!

Jinky, I'm so excited for you! Go go go! :)

Perhaps when you get really good at it, you'll want to try diving too. That's what happened to me before. Unfortunately, I discovered that I get claustrophobic underwater which is weird. But I'm trying to overcome that feeling and hoping to get addicted to diving too like some of my friends.:)

Anonymous said...

You're helping me alot! It will be my first time to go to Bora :) Even, regarding Tampons--hehe! I'm afraid to have my period when I'm there! Take care!

blissfulguro said...

hi guys! it took me so long to get back and thanks for the tips ladies... i stashed loads of it from a trip abroad so if ever i need it in the future, i know where to get one :)

true value is really interesting eh?


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