Thursday, May 26, 2011

Magalawa Island Trip - Day 2

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Magalawa Island

One good effect alcohol has on me is that it makes me wake up early the next day. It doesn't matter whether I slept early or late, as long as I get intoxicated the previous night, I always get up early the following morning. Maybe it's because I'd feel dehydrated and my thirst wakes me up whether I like it or not.

So on our second and last day, I got to wait for the sun to rise. While doing so, I walked around the island for an hour.
It made me remember my month-long vacation in Boracay and how I've been missing it these last few days. It's just that I don't want summer to end but I suppose, seasons do have to change. I just hope not anytime soon.

I discovered that Magalawa island is bigger than Potipot island, also a white island father north in Zambales. I've already been walking for an hour but still, I couldn't seem to go around the island. When I reached that part where locals seem to live, I turned around and walked back to my spot, just in time to see the sun peek behind the mountain.

I then rushed off to our cottage to wake everyone up. It's another beautiful day to sunbathe, swim, snorkel and catch as much tan as we can! We of course had breakfast first, after which, we all headed to the sand and the water. Weeee!

To be continued...

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