Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Video of Our Boracay Zorbing Adventure

I blogged about Boracay Zorb before but it was just last night that I discovered we had a video of the whole thing. Here you will see how one of the locals helped take the video of our Boracay zorb adventure... from the time we went inside the huge zorb ball until it went down with Peter and myself inside. Then there we were alive and safe (Thank God!). Cameras are not allowed inside as they can cause not just serious injuries to the riders but may cause damage to the zorb as well. So thank you, manong, for taking this video for us. ^_^

There's another video of us being run over by a zorb which I discovered taken by one of the locals again using our camcorder but I haven't uploaded it yet. For now, enjoy our Boracay zorbing video! For more information about where this is located, prices and types of zorbing adventure, please head to this link: Go Ride the Boracay Zorb

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