Thursday, May 19, 2011

Windsurfing @ Surf Kamp, Lake Caliraya

Being on the surface of the water has always been very appealing for me. This is why I prefer snorkeling more than diving, why I swim with my head up all the time, why I did wakeboarding a couple of times, and why I got hooked into surfing.

Oh yeah, I was definitely stoked!

In 2008, when I marshalled the Funboard Cup in Boracay, I got a chance to be up close and personal with windsurfers and kite surfers. Since then, one of my wishes has been to try out these kinds of watersports and hopefully be good at them.

Bulabog Beach, Boracay during 2008 Funboard Cup

Come 2009, I did try kite surfing. But after 15 minutes in the water with my instructor, I knew it wasn't for me. It's very risky and according to other kite surfers I've met before, there have already been some fatalities. Eeep! You see, I do like adventures, yes. But I do like those that won't pose grave threats to my life, which is why there is a good chance that I may never try sky diving and bungee jumping EVER. But of course, who really knows, right? ^_^

I only lasted 15 minutes kite surfing with my instructor in 2009

Moving on, last year, at around February, I tried windsurfing for the first time at Surf Kamp in Lake Caliraya. Many times I have fallen into the murky lake water and the effort of lifting the sail and maintaining balance on the board has really stretched my muscles and joints to their limits. After those first few hours of attempting to learn how to windsurf, I've always wanted more. I was able to windsurf a couple of times that memorable afternoon but since then, I never got the chance to continue learning again, until last Saturday.

Entering the premises of Surf Kamp, I am reminded of the good old days of summer during my childhood when I had nothing better to do but climb trees, pick fruits, run in the rice fields and just enjoy the breeze.

That's how Surf Kamp for me feels like. With it numerous coconut trees standing lean and tall, its green grass, the strong breeze and the beautiful Caliraya Lake from a distance, it makes me feel like I'm a child once again.

That Saturday afternoon, from 1:30pm to 4:30 pm, I was amazed at myself! Lo and behold, on my first hour, I didn't even fall once! I slowly caught some wind and sailed into the middle of the lake! Woot!

However, the wind conditions were very unpredictable. There were times when I just stood there on the board, holding the sail and I wasn't moving at all. It was so frustrating! Too bad Peter wasn't able to catch me during my fastest.

Our GE DV1 HD recorded seemed to be konking out on us. Oh well. The important thing is that I was able to strengthen my arm, thigh and leg muscles. I rarely fell and I could already balance myself well on top of the board.

Here are some tips I learned from my instructor, Noni, that afternoon:
  • Always stay at the center of the board with legs spread apart and the pole of the sail in between the legs.
  • The wind should always be at your back.
  • Make sure your body is always straight.
  • To know which way the wind is going, hold out the sail in front of you using your hand hand. This is the neutral position.

If you still haven't tried this water sport, contact Noni at 0922-855-4841. He gives lessons at Php1,000.00 for three hours. You can share the three hours with your family and friends if you like. I'm telling you, if you're not very fit, you might find your first fifteen minutes, the longest couple of minutes in your entire life. So if you do plan to take windsurfing either as a hobby or a sport, at least exercise one week before. Do squats and push-ups. Having quite strong abs, leg, thigh and arm muscles will help you balance quickly and getting that sail to stay up won't be a problem.

Here's the directions on how to go to Surf Kamp at Lake Caliraya by car:
  1. Take SLEX and exit at Calamba.
  2. Go straight all the way to Pagsanjan.
  3. When you reach the Church of the town, turn left towards Lumban.
  4. Just go straight passing by the town of Lumban.
  5. When you see a road to your right, going up the mountain, take it. This is already the road going up Caliraya.
  6. From there, it's a 15 minute drive to the camp.
  7. Just follow the road. You will pass by a military checkpoint.
  8. Go straight til you reach a bridge.
  9. From the bridge, it's about 300 meters to the entrance of Surf Kamp.
  10. The entrance is at the left of the road.

Entrance fee and parking for day trippers is Php75.00 per person.


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journeyingjames said...

uy, mura lang pala... lapit pa sa amin. thanks for this, meron na palang ganito sa caliraya

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

You're welcome! Do check it out! Hopefully next time we get to windsurf together.:-)

angelo said...

Hello there! Will be there soon . . .
Dapat malakas ang hangin. Google "windguru caliraya"
Musta na Nonie and Louie!



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