Sunday, June 05, 2011

Parokya ni Edgar Encounter

Parokya ni Edgar, named as the Pambansang Banda ng Pilipinas, graced my town last month and performed at Greens and Grills outside Festival Mall. It’s been years since I last saw them play live and I’m just amazed at how they can still wow the crowd like they did before.

I started listening to Parokya ni Edgar back in college (basically half my life ago..haha!)  because I had no choice. Buloy was repeatedly played in the airwaves and in the casettes of wild jeepneys that ply the Montalban - Cubao route which I rode every time I went to Ateneo. It had a catchy tune and listening to the lyrics made me both sad and hopeful. Listening to their songs also made me forget how fast those Montalban jeepneys were flying! Haha! Little did I know that I would someday be related to one of its band members and songwriters, Gab Chee Kee (my then boyfriend’s first cousin). Small world!

I’ve always liked Parokya ni Edgar’s  songs because they speak of multi-level truths aboout love, pain, suffering, happiness and the contemporary Filipino way of life in general. There’s always a bit of comedy and amusement too. And as individuals, they’re really all charming people. Gab Chee Kee, being my cousin-in-law, has introduced me before to the members of Parokya ni Edgar and Kamikazee as well. It was a fun and hilarious encounter that I will never forget with my funny drunken antics and all! Hahaha! 
So one day, when I saw a poster of their gig outside Festival Mall, I confirmed with Gab if the date was right. I normally don’t get to watch them because I live so far away and now that they’re here in my area, I should really take this opportunity. Suffice it to say that Peter and I went and we both had a blast! They sang their old songs like Pizza Pie. The crowd was ecstatic! Chito Miranda really knows how to be the perfect, humble and inspiring rockstar! He is really an expert at how to converse with the crowd as if they’re all friends! He’s amazing! Parokya ni Edgar is just really so awesome!
I’m currently listening to their latest album, Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty POP ROCKERS. The songs are a bit sentimental, a bit funny and a bit heart-wrenching… I just love ‘em! I do hope they make more songs. Cheers Parokya ni Edgar! Kudos to all of you! 
P.S. That same night, I got to spend time with Kha, Gab’s pretty and super nice girlfriend.
Kha introduced me and Peter to her friends, inlcuding Mico Suayan,  a comic book creator and cover artist for X-Men! Woot! Being a baby comic book geek, of course I had to have my photo taken with him! ^_^
 Me and Mico Suayan
 Mico Suayan with fans Peter and Gab
Another encounter I had was with Franco! Woohoo! Awesome night indeed! 

For more photos of Parokya ni Edgar, please click this link below:

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chel said...

WAAAAAHHHHH!!! You are hugging Franco! hindi ko pa siya nakakadaupang palad.... :(((( cry cry cry


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