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Awesome Things to See and Do in Siargao

If this is your first time to go to Siargao and you're looking for a perfect guide, well, you've come to the right place. I consider Siargao my second home and below is a list of awesome things you can do on this beautiful island off the coast of Surigao del Norte. Are you ready? Here we go...

Check-in at Patrick's on the Beach

Patrick's on the Beach located in General Luna, Siargao, Surigao del Norte. It has been recommended by my best friend's ex-boyfriend, and though he was a jerk, I believed in his judgment. Teehee.

That's me enjoying the beach in front of Patrick on the Beach. Behind me is their famous and romantic Beach Tree House.

Check-in at the more Affordable Ocean 101

For my two-week vacation here in Ocean 101, I opted for their most affordable room with its own bathroom. They call this kind of room a surfer's favorite. It's a fan room that is usually priced at Php750.00 per night but for people who are staying for at least a week, they give discounts up to 20%! So I got my room for Php600.00 per night. Awesome!

Do an Island Hopping Adventure

My last blog post was about our arrival in Siargao where Patrick's on the Beach gladly accommodated us at 50% off their regular price. Peter and I were so happy that we availed two of their exciting tour packages. The first one was the 3 ISLANDS TOUR (for Php2,500). Basically, we spent one whole day touring the three major white islands in Siargao namely: (Please click the highlighted names for more information)

Visit Naked Island

Visit Dako Island
Visit Guyam Island

The following day, we availed of the LA JANOSA & MAMON ISLAND TOUR of Patrick's on the Beach (for Php3,750). As the name implied, we got to explore two more islands:

Visit La Janosa or La Januza Island
Visit Mamon Island

I once mentioned on my social networks that I find Siargao better than Boracay. Siargao is just a small island off the coast of Surigao del Norte and yet I have everything I could ever want in there.

If I want to spend all day lying on fine white sand and soaking in the sun (it seldom rains in Mindanao even during the rainy season), I can do that in any of these five white islands.

Surf in Cloud Nine

If I want to surf, I can just rent a habal-habal and go to Cloud Nine. I can also do that right here in Patrick's on the Beach because waves do come here too when surfing season is in the horizon.


Visit Sohotan Cove

If I want to explore more adventurous places, I can simply go to Sohotan Cove where I can swim with millions of stingless jellyfish...

where I can swim inside a luminiscent Hagukan cave...

where I can jump off a cliff in Magkukuob Cave...

and even live like a princes in Hidden Resort...

Enjoy the Night Life in General Luna

Go to the Boulevard at night where a lot of sari-sari stores lined up side by side. Nearly all of them offer freshly grilled burgers and fries. Absolutely every single one hhas a karaoke machine. Imagine about 30 different people, singing 30 or so different songs, all at the same time! Oh and It's not just foreign tourists that frequent this place. It seems the locals have developed a penchant for singing!

In the morning, fishermen would bring their fresh catch to the market to sell to both tourists and locals alike. I swear, if there's one major thing I am saving for right now, it's to buy a property in Siargao. I've only been there once but I would want to keep on coming back.

Explore Magpupungko Beach, Tidal Flats and Lagoon

Magpupungko’s name is derived from the local word pungko which means "to sit down". This is because of those rock formations that seem like they're squatting on the water. In my own opinion, it could also refer to how one should climb those steep and sharp cliffs and rocks. Coz I did so half squatting, half standing. Hahaha!

Visit Taktak Falls in Santa Monica

Taktak Falls wasn't so bad. The pool is made of concrete walls and yes, the water was murky due to the rain but that didn't stop us from taking a dip and enjoying the raging waterfalls.


singapore limousine said...

Thanks for writing this. I really feel as though I know so much more about this than I did before. Your blog really brought some things to light that I never would have thought about before reading it. You should continue this, Im sure most people would agre

car hire said...

Its awesome to enjoy the beaches specially when you are getting this much of discount.So you have every reason to enjoy the place and without any doubt the images are looking very stunning.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I'm glad you liked the post. Looking forward to staying in Siargao again this summer, this time, to live the local life. (^_^)

Jean Manikis said...

Thanks for appreciating our province. :) there's more places to visit in Siargao. :D

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Jean, you're welcome. I loved it there so much that I'm coming back this summer and stay there for two weeks. :)


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