Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aquanaut Adventure at Manila Ocean Park (with video footage)

There are so many things you can do in Manila Ocean Park, one of which is this Aquanaut adventure or helmet diving activity just like the Boracay helmet diving we did last summer. 

This one is more expensive though, at Php995 per person. It's understandable since Manila Ocean Park maintains an oceanarium filled with 1000 fishes of different kinds, 12 of which are giants. It's also inclusive of wetsuit and booties rental plus soap and towel.

If you will notice later in the video, I look a bit stiff compared to Peter. Before going down, I was really feeling nervous, thinking that I might not be able to equalize since my ears easily get irritated. It's one of my illnesses even as a child.

The instructor was very nice and informative. He also made sure that I take my time going down in order to properly equalize. 

The pool is about 15 meters deep so every time I'd go deeper, I can really feel the change in pressure.

  On the above photos, we were trying to pose with the gigantic moray eel. 

Belated Happy Valentine's! ^_^ 

 On the above photos, the instructor was signalling us to walk around.

 On the above shot, we were posing with a very large Grouper or Lapu-Lapu on the right side of the frame. 

Below are our last few shots before going back up. 

Being underwater is still not my preference but because Peter loves being underwater so much, and I was assured of my safety, then I might as well try it. True enough, when I was already underwater and I was able to equalize properly, I enjoyed the amazing feeling of being one with those fishes. It was just so slippery so we really had to be careful. Below is a video taken by the instructor. Watch out for the stingray and  shark ray that passed by right in front of us during this video.What perfect timing!

When you go to Manila Ocean Park, try the Aquanaut adventure! It's gonna be one of the best 15 minutes of your life! There's additional Php350 payment by the way for the photos and video you will get. It's so worth it!

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