Monday, February 27, 2012

Fish Spa Video @ Manila Ocean Park

Fish Spa at Manila Ocean Park can be availed for Php120 per person, lasting for 15 minutes each.

This was both our first time and the experience was very ticklish. How much more if we avail their whole body fish spa at Hotel H2O, right? I don't think we'll last that long. It's nice to experience it though, even if it's just this one time.

Also, the Fish Spa location has a very nice view of the bay. It was indeed very relaxing there.

Too bad our names were called after 15 minutes so it was time for us to go. Well, not before we had videos taken of those little doctor fish nibbling away at our feet.

Here's a video of the little doctor fish nibbling away our feet's dead skin cells. :)

Go to this other link if you want to find out the other things you can do at Manila Ocean Park.

For more photos of our Manila Ocean Park adventure, please go to this link:

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