Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Awesome Things to Do in Bacolod

We've been to Bacolod three times now and after everything we've done and been through, we want to keep coming back! The first time was in 2006 when we went to Costa Aguada Resort in Guimaras when we just passed by Bacolod to buy some mangoes then off we went to our boat ride that brought us to Costa Aguada; the second one was last year in September when we only reached the 3rd waterfall of Mambukal and spent the remaining days food tripping instead; and the third one was just last weekend for Jayvee's wedding. If you're planning to head to Bacolod too sometime soon, here are some things you can do:

1. Make it your drop off point on the way to Guimaras

2. Check-in at Circle Inn

They have big deluxe rooms, with wi-fi internet all over the hotel, scrumptious buffet breakfast for only Php218 and a lovely swimming pool at the back. If you check-in via their website, you'll get a big discount. Like for our 3-night stay in  a deluxe room, we only paid Php3,510. Oh, except for the not-so-strong air conditioning inside room 212, I definitely recommend this place.

Here, you can enjoy their various recreational facilities. You can go boating, or climb the 7 waterfalls (which we finally did all the way to the top, at 2,500 feet above sea level! Whew!) , or swim in their cold natural pool or their sulfur hot spring. There are bats to see, red sulfuric mud you can put on your skin, and lots of Bacolod food to eat in their Ikea Cafe.

4. Visit Bacolod's Beautiful Ancestral Houses

Bacolod has a lot of beautiful ancestral houses. You can check out Balay Negrense, the Pink House, and of course, the very romantic and beautiful Lacson Ruins or The Ruins where Jayvee and Chie had their wedding reception last Saturday.

5. Go Food Tripping in Bacolod

Satiate your sweet cravings at Calea, buy some pasalubong from Pendy's; have some Italian lunch at Cafe Bob's; try the original Inasal chicken at Chicken House; have some pizza at Trattoria Uma; taste the fantastic Pinoy dishes at Bistro Negrense, and discover other food places along Lason Street.

6. Go Shopping and Bar Hopping at Plaza Sorrento

Their branch of  Tops feels like my walk-in closet. It has all the stuff that I love from lingerie to hats to cute little party tops an dresses, to bathing suits and other swimwear! Do visit the place! If you're tired shopping, you can then drop by one of the bars just outside the shop for a nightcap with your friends. 

7. Get Drunk at Mushu

When I was there, I had their lychee mojito and the thinnest and crunchiest meatlover's pizza I ever had. Yummy! The waitress was really nice and friendly too!

8. Be kind to the Bacolodnons and they'll return the favor and more. 

Before, I had this notion that Bacolod people may not be so nice because of all the bad things I heard during Masskara festival where a lot of pickpockets abound, etc. etc. But when we were there, we only met the kindest bunch. Like in Mambukal, one of our friends, Edwin, lost his wallet. We were already boarding the bus on the way back to the city when one of the "tambays" recognized Edwin from his ID photo in his wallet and asked him if he lost his wallet. Apparently, he left his wallet inside the first bus we rode that morning and the conductor of that bus kept it. When Edwin checked his phone, he realized that the conductor has been calling him since. Finally, the conductor and Edwin met at the city and his wallet was kindly returned to him.

Another nice experience we had was when we rode the cab from Mushu to Circle Inn. The fare read Php57.50 but the driver had no change and I had no other smaller money than Php50.00. The driver said it was okay since it's just Php50.00 anyway. I can keep the Php7.50. Woah. If this happened in Manila, the driver would probably ask me for Php100 instead. It was just really nice of that driver.

The people we kept bumping into (either to ask for directions of recommendations) were all really accommodating and friendly. This includes people from Munsterific outside Circle Inn, the Circle Inn staff, and the drivers of the jeepneys we rode. Bacolod is such a nice and welcoming place and I can't wait to visit it again!

I'll blog more about the specific things we did soon. For now, I have to work! Gotta earn moolah for my upcoming 17-day vacation in Cebu and Siargao.  

Have a fun summer!


Koryn said...

I love Bacolod too! More than the place, it's the people you keep coming back to. Imagine, I spent four months there when I was in college, yet I never get tired of the place :) I'm going back this year, Masskara. Let's go! :)

Koryn said...

I love Bacolod too! More than the place, it's the people you keep coming back to. Imagine, I spent four months there when I was in college, yet I never get tired of the place :) I'm going back this year, Masskara. Let's go! :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I was actually thinking of you when I made this post. Tara! I'll go with you this time. I'm no longer scared of Bacolodnons. They really seem to be nice. :)


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