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La Union Things to Do

It was supposed to be a day full of sun and  surf. Yep, we had a ton of sun alright, but no surf. The waves weren't big enough to go surfing so the next best thing would be to bodyboard instead. Good thing that we always bring not just our surfboard and skimboard every time we go to La Union, but our bodyboard as well. At least there'd be other activities we can do in the water.

Speaking of other activities, going to La Union is always such a thrill. I'll just summarize here the highlights of our short trip and perhaps you can do these things too if you wanna go to La Union sometime soon. Here are the amazing things you can do when going to La Union:

Drop by Basilica of Agoo, La Union.

This is our nth time to visit La Union but this was the first time we actually stopped and visited this beautiful church in the town of Agoo, which they call the Basilica of Agoo. 

There was a mass being held during this time so we just opted to stay outside (since my hubby and I are agnostics) to admire the view and take some pictures.

Check-in at San Juan Surf Resort.

It was just a quick stop at Agoo since we wanted to check-in early at San Juan Surf Resort (where we always stay when we're in La Union). We were there at around 9 am. I was surprised at the renovations they did at San Juan Surf Resort. It really looks like a mini resort now, unlike before when it just seemed like a simple building with rooms. They also increased their rates. Before, we can get an air conditioned room for four people at Php900 per night. Now, it already cost us Php1,200. But that's okay.

Bodyboard if you can't surf.

We quickly went to the beach to see if there were any waves. Unfortunately, there weren't. Boo! :(

So all day, we were just swimming, posing and bodyboarding,  morning til afternoon. It was fun!

It's nice not to feel afraid of the La Union waters anymore. Back in December 2007, I had a near death surfing experience. I nearly drowned while surfing there. It took a really long while before I was finally able to overcome my fear of the waves.  

Watch the beautiful sunset.

We waited for the sun to set then we were off to make dinner plans. 

Visit Halo-Halo de Iloko.

At night, we visited Halo-Halo de Iloko, our favorite dining place in San Juan, La Union. Just like before, their dishes never lost their magic. The food still tasted great that we can stay there and nomnom forever. ^_^

Try Dirty Ice Cream on the Road.

The next day, we woke up late out of  sheer exhaustion. Then we headed to Isdaan (for the nth time!). On the way there, we passed by a man selling DIC (dirty ic cream). We stopped and had a taste of the delicious home-made ice cream. It was so reminiscent of our childhood memories. So yummy too! We had cheese, avocado and chocolate flavored dirty ice cream.

Museo Iloko.

We then passed by Museo Iloko and decided to stop and drop by.

Unfortunately, like the waves that eluded us, the museum was closed too. Oh well! Maybe next time.

Visit Isdaan.

Then off we went to Isdaan.

I don't think we'll ever get tired of this food place. Isdaan is so huge, their dishes are great, and we love to admire their Southeast Asian architectural designs.  Even the Isdaan branch they built in Laguna had the same ambiance and dishes.

After we satiated ourselves with their amazing food offerings, it was time to go home. What an amazing weekend. WE were tired from the trip but we're definitely glad we went. :)

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