Monday, March 19, 2012

Surfing in Cloud 9, Siargao

I promised myself that I will one day brave the waves of Cloud 9 in Siargao. But it was only on my 6th day that I was finally able to do it. I guess my previous trauma from before hasn't been completely erased and my heart was skipping a beat the whole time I was in the water. But I gotta do it. I rented the biggest board Ocean 101 has and I hired an instructor who basically just pushed my board and brought me to where the waves were.
my surfboard and my instructor

Here we go...

Looking for he right wave...

 Yes! I did it!:)

It was fun! My new friend, Ali, took some photos to complete my experience. Haha. The first time around, I was holding my HD waterproof camera and took this video. Haha. So funny.

Hope to surf some more... Ciao! ^_^

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