Friday, April 13, 2012

Cloud 9 Surfing in Siargao

Now that I've left my most favorite island, Siargao, I'm regretting the fact that I've only surfed in Cloud Nine twice. Looking back, I did more Siargao wild partying than what the island is really known for --- the great surfing breaks. Hahaha! I guess this just means that I have to come back again and stay longer if possible (perhaps 1-3 months? Praying that my hubby will allow me. Hehehe.)

So anyway, after all the partying, beach bumming, adventure tripping and bonding with the locals, I managed to surf once again. I rented a board at Ocean 101 at Php200 per hour (Php500) for a whole day) and rented Dodoy, my instructor, for Php300 per hour.

The waves were gentle that afternoon and I didn't have a hard time standing at all. Perhaps because I was using a really big surfboard, similar to Didi, my yellow surfboard at home. I miss my old  instructor though, Jericho, in La Union... He pushed me to my limits before so it's no wonder I became really good at it. I could even do "hotdogging" before which I also tried to do here. As for Dodoy, he just basically spotted waves for me and encouraged me to stand up. I guess it's my fault too. I told him how I almost died surfing in La Union before maybe that's why he was particularly careful with me. When I come back next time, I'll be fiercer. Hehehe.

Unfortunately, the waves in Cloud Nine that afternoon weren't so big but at least I caught some really nice waves.

Watch my "sariling sikap" surfing videos below. LOL! So much fun! Will surely come back here again and again. :)

It was tiring but fun. So afterward, I just hung out by 101's pool and sunbathed the afternoon away. :)

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